57I just turned 57 this weekend!  57!  How does that happen?

Don’t get me wrong, this is not one of those birthdays that I have resisted!  I remember 29 being particularly challenging and 45 was no cake-walk either.  Instead, I realize that at 57.., I am in a state of ‘surprise’!

Where does and did the time go?  When I was a kid, I thought 55 was about the time most people died!  It was OLD!  Back then, I assumed when I reached this age, I would have one foot in the grave, with the other supported by a cane!   Somehow I thought getting older was for other people!  Not me!

Now is probably a good time to point out that I have also been blindsided by the aging of our physical bodies!  Anyone who is my age can probably attest to this.  But let me just say… Men don’t talk about this, so none of us are prepared for what comes (and maybe even more importantly-what goes!)

Perhaps it is because the majority of marketing has been projected towards woman that we all know about their challenges with menopause, hormone imbalance, osteoporosis, etc… etc.  When a doctor told me my body wasn’t producing testosterone the way it use to… I didn’t even know that was possible.  (Okay that’s been a few years now and you see more about bio-identical hormones.., but not much!)  I thought I was a freak of nature!

And let’s face it… Men can be really bad at communicating!  Revealing their emotions or deepest thoughts!  They are not going to say.., “Oh.., one of the fun things that is going to happen is that as your hair gets thinner, your waistline gets thicker!”

Physically getting older is fraught with challenges and confusion!

And yet.., there is a beauty that comes with age!  There is self-knowing and wisdom, based on experience.  There is a preciousness that comes with the passage of time.  Knowing what resonates and is aligned.  Cherishing the relationships, places and things that feed and support your soul.  A contentment for what and where we have been.

I find myself smiling at our humanness.  How we worry and fret about so many of the small things in life.  I recognize the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything will work out fine.  That it may not look like we expect or want; but it always works out.

This doesn’t mean I will never worry or experience fear again.  I will. It just won’t take as long to realize that they aren’t getting me anywhere!

It seems we become more compassionate with ourselves and others.  And compassion is a good thing!

So as I ride the wave of surprise that comes from celebrating my latest birthday,  I am aware that this is simply part of life and aging.   And for the past few days I have been telling myself not to worry because 57 is the new 56!

I hope you are living the life of your dreams.., regardless of your age!  Please know… I am!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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