Do you ever catch yourself doing something, where you know better; but somehow everything you know and hold dear, kinda flys out the window? That is how I have been feeling since last weeks newsletter on collaboration and competition!

Everything I said about collaboration and non-competition being a vision and value is true. The ideas and philosophies still make sense and resonate. What doesn’t make sense, or at least what has been on my mind this week, is the idea of getting hooked and snagged by the 20%!

This is something we all know and most of us try to remember when navigating our daily lives. Focus on the 80% that is working and going right. NOT the 20% that isn’t. This was so obvious for me, once I stopped focusing on the situations and or relationships that “weren’t” working.

I began noticing everything that WAS working! All of the relationships where there is amazing collaboration. The situations where resources, information and services are shared. Where mutual referrals and recommendations are a natural part of doing business. So after my few days of upset, I was showered with appreciation and gratitude for all of what is being created, in the spirit of this community!

So what makes us take these detours into areas where we already know better? Why get focused on what is not working, when there are so many examples of what is? I think I have an idea!

I was talking with a friend who was having a lot of ‘do overs’ in her mind. Replaying conversations, meetings or situations in her mind. Many of them from years ago. Some were events where she still carried some embarrassment or shame; others there was guilt or anger. These ‘do-overs’ even seemed to be playing out in her dreamtime. While we were talking, she implied that these were situations where she “still had lessons to learn”.

Yet for me, while she was describing them, I saw something completely different. It was as if each memory was being presented in a helium balloon. Each with a string that she was holding onto. But instead of drawing it in closer to try and take a closer look… It was an opportunity to see it for what it was; and old story that was up for healing.., up for release. Instead of engaging with it as if it has current meaning; realize it was our internal guidance saying: “Here is a string (old story) you can let go of!”

Suddenly this perspective of being isolated and not being included in my own community lifted and felt complete. That is an old story that may continue to play out in its own way and with different players. But for me.., I have co-created something with many others that is inclusive and supportive. My job is to nurture the 80% that is right… The other 20% can take care of itself! This is a string I can let go of and watch that memory balloon float away!

How about you? Are you focusing on the 20% or the 80? Any strings you want to let go of?

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