Let me start by saying THANK YOU!

If you are reading this, you have been part of Storm Wisdom’s journey! You are one of the reasons we get to have a three day celebration this coming weekend for our 9th Anniversary. We would not exist without you. From the bottom of my heart… Thank You!

Every year as these anniversaries approach I reflect of where I’m am.., and where Storm Wisdom is in its journey. This year I am very aware that we are a physical location. We are brick and mortar. We occupy space.

When I was starting this business… there was of course an awareness of creating a location. But back then it was much more conceptual… it was more about renting or leasing the space, designing and layout…, features and functions.

This idea of creating a destination based on a physical location was all in my head. Something that the reality of, probably would have been too stressful to bare. And trust me., at sometimes that is exactly how it’s felt… “to stressful to bare”.

Storm Wisdom came into existence during a very transformational time. Many business were going virtual. They were giving up the expenses of maintaining physical locations and going online. Many had to, in order to compete with Amazon and the technology trend of shopping online.

But it has also been a time when people were becoming more aware of the desire and impact of supporting local business and local artists. People started looking for products and services that were more natural, healthy and unique.., crafted or created by local artisans and craft-people.

Storm Wisdom has straddled both of these emerging and competing trends. Sometimes beautifully, with ease and grace. At other times by hanging on by the tips of our fingers, when it wasn’t clear we would be able to hang on!

Having a physical location has been a lot of work!

But it has also offered the greatest payoff!

Our physical location allows us to build a powerful resource of teachers, lectures, and leaders who share their insights and perspective for the purpose of helping others to learn and expand. We have created a team of local artists who create inspirational art, with the intention of helping others connect to their Soul’s calling through color, light, sound, texture and beauty.

And then there’s you! Our Community!

You show up. You tell your friends. You take your place, as part of this community, in the many ways that are available. You stay connected, engaged, and encouraging. You follow us on social media or here via an online newsletter. And more importantly, you show up to this physical location. Whether you’re taking classes, shopping in the store, or getting intuitive guidance or energy sessions from our spiritual consultants…, it matters and you matter.

You are the reason we exist.., and I am so thankful for that generous gift. The entire Storm Wisdom family extends their gratitude for all you do.

We have three days of fun and festivities coming up this weekend. Including our Cinco De Mayo Party on Saturday evening with Mexican Food and Millie’s Margaritas… and then a Local Artist PopUp on Sunday with a chance to meet and greet these artists who create so many of the unique art and gifts we offer.

There will be grab-bags, giveaways, surprises and treats. Including a special visit from Judith, the Founder of “A Peace of the Universe” who will be there with her new book: ‘A Giver’s Way Home – Journey for Self Love’. See her and get one of her famous Hugs on Sunday during our Local Artist PopUp!

I’ll be there from 6pm – 9pm Saturday night. I would love to see you then! It would be a great time to thank you in person! Until then… Thanks again for the past 9 years!

With Light, Love, and Laughter