ABeautifulConstraintSometimes I think I might be a bit of a masochist! We have so many irons in the fire.., yet I take on more! That must be some kind of pleasure from torture… Right?

As you know from last week’s newsletter, we are getting ready for our big celebration next weekend. It is a lot of work to pull off a big party… Fun.., but a lot of work too. Well in the middle of all that.., I decided to move another big display piece out of the showroom and into our group space! THEN… Decided to begin painting the space.., beginning with two major walls in the store! What was I thinking!?!

Actually it is perfect. All of this I have been planning to do since the beginning of the year. I just haven’t had the time AND.., I have felt constrained by money. Big ideas.., small budget! Which is fascinating, because I have been reading a book called “A Beautiful Constraint” by Adam Morgan and Mark Barden.

The whole concept of their book, written for entrepreneurs and business owners (but applicable to anyone!), is that often a constraint is actually an incredible opportunity and inspiration for creativity. They tell the story of many businesses that turned a seeming constraint into a strength, by being creative and resourceful.

While reading the book, I felt hopeful.., but at the same time, unsure exactly how I was going to apply their process to what I am doing, and all the things I wanted to change and/or create. What I have noticed is that a lot of what has happened is a result of just taking it slow and letting the answers reveal themselves.

I am also learning, or perhaps remembering that there are a lot of things I can do myself!

One thing I can tell you is that the first few months of this year have been an amazing time of shifting, new awareness, and understanding. Stories and beliefs are being challenged and changed. New insights simply dropping. It appears that this can be quite easy if I don’t mind paying attention! Simply a matter of allowing the right circumstances to unfold.

I have to wonder how and why my relationship with money is up in such a big way this year. I have always thought of myself as someone who was good at creating and manifesting abundance. There are many things in my life that feel aligned with this. At the same time, I have not felt so constrained by money as I have this year.

I feel constrained by it.., and yet, many of the projects that I wanted to do, where I felt like I needed money to do them are being completed in simple and much less expensive ways. AND as a result of the way these projects are coming together, I also realize that if I had spent the money doing things in the way I originally envisioned; they would have been fine, but I would have spent a lot of money that I didn’t need to!!

I guess the Universe works with us on many levels. And frequently not in the ways we imagine! Still – it is the end results that matter. Guess I need to keep paying attention!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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