Have you ever noticed how comfortable we are with habits, beliefs, and the familiar even when they don’t work for us anymore? I wonder if holding on to them is easier than letting them go. Like old shoes they still feel good and new ones can take a little while to “break in” and feel comfortable. I’ve noticed that when I make a change there is often a settling in period until the new becomes more comfortable. Sometimes it is uncomfortable and unfamiliar. How about you?

For years I’ve been a PC user and have considered changing to an iPad. Well, I finally did it and I’m now an iPad user! I guess you can say that we are in the “getting to know you” phase right now. I know that this is an amazing opportunity to experience new things but haven’t reached a level of comfort with it yet. I wonder why I’ve resisted so long. Could it be that I was comfortable with my PC and laptop? Was there fear in learning something new? This may seem trivial to some of you; however, I can see parallels to changes that have occurred along the way in my journey of Spiritual awakening and growth through the years.

When I look back I recognize times when I wasn’t comfortable changing a habit, belief or something I knew. In fact, there have been times that I’ve experienced a lot of resistance to changing. My awakening journey has zigged and zagged rather going in a straight line. There have been plenty of opportunities to “let go” of old shoes so to speak. It’s much easier now because I resist less and my life is much richer since I’ve let go of things that weren’t working for me. So much more magic, love, acceptance, beauty and unexpected experiences have opened up.

For example, my beliefs about who I am; who God is; why I’m here; what being a healer means; and what is possible have totally shifted. Vocal channeling the “unseen” was never on my radar although, in retrospect, there have been times when information or comfort was shared and I didn’t feel like it came from me. Vocal channeling is another way that information is shared through the intimate relationships consciously created with my “unseen” friends. Who knew I would be comfortable doing this now? Along the journey much has shifted, released and opened. I’m so grateful and I know that there is more to come!

Some of the changes that have taken place in me are more comfortable than others. Some are still in the “getting to know” you phase. The cool thing is I feel my new iPad and I will become great friends as some of my “unseen” are. Why? It’s fun to open to new possibilities. Resisting them not so much! It’s like my new shoes are breaking in and becoming more comfortable. Ahhhh!!!

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