ANewPerspectiveI love this image! As soon as I saw it, I began thinking about the whole concept of ‘layers of the onion’.

As we progress through life we learn lessons. Some through the school of hard knocks. Some through trial and error. Others simply stumbling towards ecstasy.

The lessons that really stand out for us are the ones that we think we learned; only to experience them anew. Tendencies, behaviors or situations that we find ourselves in over and over. We imagine that we are done with the with these lessons; only to experience them again. Perhaps this time in a different area of our life.

This is one of the ways that the expression ‘layers of the onion’ is used to describe our process or progress. We think we have evolved or move through a situation and are convince we will never repeat it. Only to discover that we are once again in the middle of a similar situation. A deeper layer of something we thought we were beyond.

Personally.., I have struggled with this concept of ‘layers of the onion’! Perhaps because I seem to have HUGE onions, with unlimited layers. I use to really be hard on myself, when I found myself caught in a situation where I “should have known” better.

But this image spoke to me of growth and perspective! We are continually on our journey toward becoming our Highest Self. Revealing our Divine nature. Integrating the truth and lessons of our journey into the essence of who we are; who we most desire to be.

And regardless of where we are on our journey, we have the ability to see and witness other aspects of road we have traveled. Sometimes what we see or experience doesn’t feel like it is from a different perspective simply because some of the levels we are moving through don’t feel that much different from one another.

It is by trusting, and our intentions, that we keep moving so that the subtlety of the perspective or the increments of growth are revealed. Suddenly we are viewing old situations, but from a great distance. They are there as reminders, but don’t influence or impact us in the same way they use to.

The journey to SELF is a spiral. We are shifting and growing. Expanding. Lifting ourselves to new heights. Our ability to comprehend and appreciate where we’ve been and what we have learned is easiest when we are confronted by something familiar. Something that in the past may have been difficult or challenging or even a trigger; that now is simply an awareness. Something that ‘was’ – now with a hint of ‘what will be’.

I hope you enjoy this image too! Take a moment to celebrate how much you have grown. How much you have learned. Give yourself the gift of perspective. Acknowledge and honor how close you are to becoming the greatest version of You! The good news is there is no way to fail. We are always becoming more. That is one of the beauties of consciousness.

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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