“Real change in the world will only come from a change of heart.” Dalai Lama

Life as we’ve lived it has radically changed for most people in the world! How are you adjusting? As I talk to people I’ve found a variety of responses. Those who are working from home and have kids at home from schools closing find it challenging to keep young kids occupied while they work. Others with older children are enjoying online learning and are finding creative ways to have space for the privacy everyone needs.

Families are scheduling lunch and dinner time together rather than shuttling kids to activities. Games are being dusted off and time is being set aside for the family to be together having fun. It’s also a great time to have conversations about what’s going on in the world and the individual dreams or concerns that are being held by each family member. Resist or embrace the coming together of family? 

I know quite a few individuals who live alone. Some also work from home. It’s important to stay in touch to minimize the isolation that is felt. Knowing that someone cares is so important to overall health and well being. Please reach out via phone, text, e-mail or skype if you know someone who is alone! It can make a big difference.

How are you adjusting your daily lives? I would love to hear from you. My husband and I are staying at home and only going out if it is essential. Fortunately the weather is cooperating and we can go for a walk in the neighborhood. I’ve noticed more families doing this in our community although everyone is being respectful of personal space. Staying active indoors or outdoors is helpful for the body’s immune system. We text and check in on our neighbors as well!

Our kids and their families live in the Bay Area and have been “sheltering in place” for over a week. They are masters at online shopping including groceries and take out. Mostly they’ve stocked up on food items and cook at home. 

More and more people are posting positive things on social media shifting from fear based living to gratitude and kindness. Albert Einstein said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” I believe this to be true. Reality creation is affected by our thoughts and what we believe. Thoughts are beginning to change although there continues to be lots of fear in the collective consciousness. We can make a difference by changing our thoughts! 

What will it take to move from fear and hoarding thinking to one of believing that there is enough for everyone, sharing and helping each other when we can? Hope is what keeps us going in spite of chaos. Change is a given and it’s within our power to change our reality and it begins with each one of us. Rumi said, “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Hmm. 

Facing and choosing to change our own beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and behaviors is where real change occurs. I call it “going to my inner monastery” deep within my heart space! This is where I get to know me and this is where I can choose to change and grow or remain stuck. Is it easy? Not at first. Distraction is easier! LOL As I shift my frequency and consciousness I know that it impacts the whole. We are all connected and part of the whole! I love going to my “inner monastery”. It’s here I find peace and am reminded of our interconnectedness. It’s here I feel unconditional love and what’s possible! It’s also here that I know the changes come from my heart!

I would love to hear from you and see how you are adjusting to this change of season. Please contact me through Word Press or at VictoriaBarna.com.

As you know we are honoring “social distancing” at Storm Wisdom for now. I am available by appointment for a phone session if you find that you would like some support as you move through this season of change! You can reach me through VictoriaBarna.com or Word Press. Stay safe and healthy!