Hello everyone! How have you been feeling lately? Some people that I’ve talked to recently are experiencing physical symptoms. They describe them as allergies, flu, or colds, to name a few. I know that I’ve had some sneezing fits, itchy eyes, and low energy on a couple of days. Allergies? Maybe. Can it be something else? Maybe.

I’ve been checking in and have found myself saying “Yes” to allergies although I haven’t really been affected by them most of my life. The next time I check in I find myself feeling it’s more of an energy shift or what some may call a “resonance shakedown”! Hmmmm. Maybe both?

As I reflect on what’s happened in the environment recently there has been a lot of conversation around climate change. Severe rain, snow, tornados, and hurricanes are happening more frequently and in ways that are new. Big shifts in barometric pressure as well. I know that the Earth is changing and at times I feel like precious Gaia is screaming in pain. For some of you sensitives I know that you can also feel her pain. This, too, can be felt in the physical body. How much of Mother Earth’s pain is affecting how we feel?

I’m also reminded that the Spring Equinox recently occurred on March 20th. What impact might the Equinox have contributed to how we feel? The Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox, heralds the first day of Spring which symbolizes new growth and re-birth. This one had a Full Worm Moon and Super Moon. The lunar energy has been very powerful for those of you who can feel shifts and changes during lunar cycles like these. How has the lunar energy affected us?

I found it interesting that we haven’t experienced a Full Worm Moon for 19 years and won’t again until 2030! Wow! I wondered, “What in the heck is a Full Worm Moon?” So I checked and discovered through the Farmer’s Almanac that in Native American and other traditions it represents the ground softening and roots beginning to push up through the soil. It’s a time that the Earth is experiencing a re-birth as it awakens from Winter! Beautiful isn’t it? Easter is also around the corner. Another time of re-birth for many traditions.

Could this lunar energy be contributing to how we are feeling? I believe it can. How about you? Considering this is a time of re-birth what seeds have been planted and are beginning to sprout within you? What ground, beliefs, habits, and perceptions are beginning to soften within you? What are you willing to change?

Remember, that change begins within each one of us. The more we change our habits, behaviors, and beliefs the more our outer world can change! Isn’t it amazing how powerful we are in our ability to co-create our reality? Change as well as peace begin within us!

For me, it seems like my body is becoming more and more sensitive. I’ve noticed a greater sensitivity when the lunar cycles are strong like with full moons, regardless of the type, as well as eclipses. Have you become more sensitive?

So how does one cope during these changes? Everyone is different I know. I treat the symptoms as best I can with a homeopathic or natural remedy if I’m really uncomfortable. I really try and stay away from medications but I realize they do serve a purpose when necessary. I also lean more into the Grace of acceptance and ride the wave of whatever is shifting and changing within me. I try to be patient with the process as best I can. Notice I said, “I try!” Yes, becoming more and more patient with myself and others has been a journey! LOL

Enjoy the process of re-birth within you. If you would like to share your experience I would love to hear from you!

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