Something is changing, and if you slow down and give yourself some quiet time, you will notice it. We’re changing. Not only that, but the speed at which we are changing is increasing. So a change, shift or transformation that use to take several years is happening in a matter of months. What use to take months is taking days. And many transitions are occurring in an instant.

The reason this is on my mind is because if we are not aware that this is what is happening, it is easy to feel out of step with ourselves. We are creatures of habit in many ways, so it is easy to operate on autopilot. We do, say, or think something because it is what we have always done, only to feel off, or disappointed. It no longer feels right, however we are not sure why. We look to external situations or circumstances to see what is different. Yet, that is not where the change is. It is within!

All of this internal change can feel like chaos and uncomfortable if we don’t embrace it. Or worse, if you are like me, you can spend a lot of time trying to control it. Trying to keep things the same. We can try to do that, but the reality is we are all rapidly shifting and changing at the same time. So unless you isolate yourself and minimize your exposure to others and the world; you’re fighting a loosing battle. It is time to face it, our lives are changing at an accelerated pace and unless we move into flow with this, we are in for a bumpy ride.

I also want to point out that we are not victims of this change of pace. We’ve asked for it and created it for ourselves. In fact we have been so insistent on creating this new way of being, that in the past 15 to 20 years many of the children that have been born, are naturally tuned to this new dynamic and are more adept at adjusting to and excelling in this rapid change world.

Combine these young people with the seekers, explorers and map makers who are helping to reveal this new way of operating and Being and you have a dynamic team of change agents here to assist with a shift into harmony. You see, as challenging as this may feel for us while we are figuring out how to be in the natural flow of these constant internal shifts; once it happens we will feel more harmony and peace.

So with regards to the idea that “we asked for it”, I think it is important to acknowledge those who came before us. The original free-thinkers who were exploring various forms of meditation, opening up channels to higher information, creating sound and vibrational healing, reconnecting with crystals and the mineral kingdom, essential oils, herbs, and teachings from the Masters that were not polluted with dogma and ego. Each one of them paved the way for many of us to have immediate and easy access to intuitive, natural guidance to and from Source and All-That-Is through our own personal connection. Many of you who are reading this are part of the original crew who opened the door for the rest of us!

If you have been exploring your personal spiritual journey for the past 20, 30, 40 years, you are part of the excavation team that has helped to uncover the skills, tools, and practices that many of us take for granted these days. If you remember when there were very few places where this sort of empowered spiritual exploration could be done openly… and there were just a few of you gathered in someone’s home. I am talking about you.

The reason it is important to acknowledge how we got here is twofold. First, for those who have been doing this work for a long time and who have helped to usher in this accelerated change environment, not only do you deserve thanks, but also a reminder that for anyone else who decides to walk the path of awakening and remembering, they (me included) will never have to do the heavy lifting that you did… Precisely because you have already done that! And for those who are new to this form of exploration and self-discovery, trust that you know what you know and that it is as simple and easy as it appears to connect and incorporate these gifts from our Spiritual Elders. Allow the incorporation of rapid change and transformation to be a gift from a long lineage of Spiritual Magicians. Because that means you get to start having fun right away!

Here’s to finding the flow with accelerated change!

With Light, Love, and Laughter