AnAlteredFieldBlogIf you check out the banner below these musings, you will see that our online retail store went live yesterday!  It was activated intentionally at 8:08am on 8/8/2015!  And 2015 is an ‘8’ year!  The number 8 in Numerology means success in business and finance.., material wealth and self-mastery; among other things.  I am excited about this going live and it’s potential for the expansion of Storm Wisdom.

As with many of these mundane events, (and that is really what this is in the scheme of things!) other aspects of our journey are highlighted and or standout as lessons.  Milestones, turning points, awareness or a knock on the head.  Anything is possible when we look at our daily lives and the people, events or circumstances that have our attention and intentions.

For me, there is a new realization that nothing happens as it appears.  There is no straight line that leads from where we were – to where we are.  Life is an entangled web of pulsing, shifting energies, that affect the entirety of our Being.  Not just the section or portion of our lives we are trying to classify it under! Our reality is an illusion that is constantly in flux.  A hologram that we are interacting with and creating.  Depending upon where we put our focus and attention, shifts everything we experience.

Sometimes that means that something, a person or situation, that was front and center for awhile, slips into the background and is no longer a featured attraction.  Or something small gets amplified and feels as if it is demanding or dominating the day.  Something new comes into view and it catches our attention.  Martha Beck would use the expression “bright shiny objects” to describe how quickly our minds will move from one subject to another.

And it is this relationship of how our thoughts and emotions influence or impact our experience with our self-created realities that I ponder!   Part of me wants to be able to keep everything separate and in tidy categories.  Work projects over here, relationships over there, being healthy next to the ice cream, running a business front and center.  You get the picture.

When in truth, every thought and each emotion creates a shift or wave of activity that has a ripple affect throughout our entire reality.  They add flavor or spice; rips or tears; brightness or pallor; attraction or repellant, drama or intensity.  They are the tools we use to create our personal hologram.  Our reality.

So when I am struggling with one aspect of my life; there is struggle in my reality.  When I introduce optimism, it permeates everything.  Even if I think a situation relates to just one aspect of my life – it really doesn’t.    We think our lives have compartments.  We imagine we can make a change in one area and not affect the others.  Yet, regardless of how we attempt compartmentalizations… It is ALL part of who we are!

Each of us emits a frequency.  We embody an energetic imprint. You and I are powerful sentient Being.  Wholly unique, yet part of the whole.

Which brings me back to my latest awareness.  This new website feels like expansion of Storm Wisdom.  And although this is true… It is more accurate to say it is my expansion.  Something in my field has shifted to allow this new form to take place.  For something that did not exist to become known, physical (digital) and create new potential.  My thoughts and emotions brought something new to fruition!  And my energetic field has been altered because of it!

How about you?  I know our processes usually parallel one another.  I know that when you read these weekly musings you relate to an aspect of what you are reading.  What are you shifting in your reality?  What are you bringing newly into existence.  What aspect or compartment are you feeding that is having a ripple affect across your entire field…?  Shifting your reality?  I know you are up to something… Now spill!

With Light, Love, and Laughter