AnotherPiecetothePuzzleOne concept that I find I have embraced easily over the years is the idea that we live multiple lifetimes. It has always just resonated with me. At the same time, I am not that interested in exploring them or trying to figure out what they mean, or how they affect this lifetime.

I guess I figure that if this is true, and it is somehow part of our exploration and evolution, then that would mean anything we do in this lifetime has a ripple effect in those. Otherwise, why have a shared connection or lineage.

Heal something in this lifetime, heal it in the others.

But the other day I was having a conversation with my friend Lindsay (Happy Birthday Lindsay!) who added another little gem to this equation. Her thought was that because we have evolved to the point where we live dramatically longer, that we are actually living multiple lifetimes in the same body!

As a species as we become more advanced and efficient, that we have affected our own spiritual growth process. We are now staying in physical form longer in order to maximize our own evolution… We have found a way to expand consciousness without trading in one physical form and starting over in another!

While we were talking, I just sat with the idea. I sat with the possibility to this new thought or idea and whether or not it might fit in with my scatter-box of beliefs. And you know… I like it.

Overtime, when I look back at my life, there are timeframes or experiences that seem like they belong to someone else. I have recall of those experiences and can search the memory bank for details. Yet at the same time, it seems as if they are encapsulated in their own bubble.

When I look back on these times, I remember them fondly. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do again… Even if it meant spending another 30 days in the brig, before being unceremoniously thrown out of the Navy. Or another day as a cabdriver, with only one fare.., before terminating my illustrious career. Even my years climbing the corporate ladder seem caught in a time warp. Something that I remember fondly…, but feels like a different lifetime.

Each one offered a building block or opportunity for the next one. Each one placed me in the right time and space to move on to the next adventure. And, even circumstances and the places that these other life’s within a life have taken me have all been different. When I look back I see different identities and/or images that while I was living them felt real. How I defined my value, measured success or failure or even acted in relationship to/with others.

As an example, I clearly remember a time in my life, where a committed, monogamous relationship was the last thing I would have wanted, and would have felt like a trap. Now, it is an important part of the foundation I stand on, and my greatest joy. These two juxtapositions clearly co-exist in this same lifetime. But they also feel completely autonomous.

So as you can probably tell.., I am loving the exploration of this concept… AND trying to determine if it will fit in with the rest of my beliefs. And, if it does; Are there any old beliefs that have to be released, because they are not compatible?

This feels timely to me. I am personally experiencing so much shifting and change, that sometimes it feels disorienting. I have many dear friends and some family members who are going through life altering events. What if we are simply moving from one lifetime into the next, without leaving our physical bodies. Something in our lives is dying away so that something else can emerge or be birthed.

And yet because this is a fairly new phenomenon.., (living longer to maximize our consciousness evolution in one body), that we are experiencing these shifts as chaos, trauma or loss. When in fact we are actually evolving!

I guess I will continue to ponder this. In the meantime, if there is a piece you would like to add to the puzzle… Share!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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