BathedBeautyBeauty is anything that gives us a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. One of the most amazing things about the inspiring and thought provoking effects of beauty is that it can be completely unique and different for each one of us.

Our experience of, or what we find beautiful morphs and evolves over time. Spending a bit of time contemplating beauty can be a very eye-opening experience. Recognizing the beauty we are drawn to, frequently provide a quick realization of where we are in our personal transformation.

And when I say beauty I mean people, place and things…, and also, the energetics of beauty. How something feels, even if what we experience with our five physical senses would not normally lend itself to that description. But then again.., as they say – “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”.

I love how personal beauty is. I love how it opens and expands us. Like a piece of art that speaks to your soul. Whether because of the imagery, texture, colors, history or temperature of a piece. It can stimulate and trigger our imagination. Send us into dreamtime or fantasy. Or perhaps it soothes or awakens something inside of us.

Beauty has the potential to trigger a vast array of experiences for us.., while at the same time creating the space for us to simply be.

These are some of the reasons I think ‘surrounding yourself in beauty’ is one of the most potent principles of Intentional Living.

Beauty has the potential to transform us instantaneously. We have all had the experience of being stopped in our tracks because of the sheer beauty of something. I know the desert sky at dusk will sometimes take my breath away. Or the belly-laugh of a baby or small child. Hell, a joyous belly-laugh from anyone.

It can also make an instantaneous and permanent shift in anyone of us. Something that affects us on such a deep level that we can never unsee or experience it. It changes us at a cellular level.

I think of beauty as being as infectious as gratitude. The more you look for, allow and receive the experiences of beauty, the more is revealed. Sometimes in the simplest ways. In the everyday people, places and things that are around us.

intentionallivingLike this morning. Sitting in my own backyard, sipping coffee, watching the birds, smelling the orange blossoms in bloom, with the people I love going about their day. I feel enmeshed in beauty!

What does beauty mean to you? When you think of beauty, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Notice that when you really connect with beauty you bring yourself into the present moment. Yet at the same time, it often triggers a memory of something past or the dream of some future. Beauty creates a multidimensional experience. It triggers awareness of the aspect of ourselves that is multidimensional.

I’m sure I activated this awareness of beauty into my weekend, simply by choosing ‘Surround Yourself in Beauty’ as the next principle to cover in the ‘Intentional Living’ series I am doing next month (4/20). And in this moment I am so grateful for that… I love being bathed in beauty!

P.S. I hope you will consider joining me at the next Intentional Living workshop/discussion group. I have invited Vikki Reed to join me as a guest. Who better than an amazing artist to help share her perspective on beauty! Come be apart of a beauty-filled evening!

With Light, Love, and Laughter