It seems like for many years I was searching. Searching for clues. Searching for direction. Searching for knowledge. I became use to the energy of pursuit.

Exploring, revealing, gathering, and integrating information on the purpose of life. Why are we here? What are we creating? How do we make the most of what we have in front of us? What inspires and motivates us? What is the essence of our relationship to All-That-Is?

And suddenly the searching stopped.

I remember making a conscious decision about 2 years ago to stop looking for “something to complete me”. Something that would make me “whole” or “better”. I realized that I had collected enough information and insights to be who and how I want to be in this lifetime. Now it is simply a matter of choosing to “BE”.

That sounds easy doesn’t it? Simply be who you want to BE.

But we are human. We have thoughts and feelings. We have beliefs and values.., biases and preferences. We are complex and we are complicated. So a “simple” solution is not always easy for us! It goes against our nature. We value complicated and complex. So much so that simple and obvious are easy to overlook!

Instead of trusting what we already know, sense or intuit, we continue to look outside of ourselves for answers. Even after a long and often arduous search for something new to explain, define or solve a problem or situation, points us back to what we already knew.., we still continue to search.

It seems to me that part of my fascination with and propensity for searching has a lot to do with being more comfortable in the future than I am in the present. If I am actively engaged with the future (or for some it is the past!), than I will eventually perfect my next “present” moment. If I am searching for what is next, I will be able to influence how I experience that moment, when it arrives! But it never arrives; because I am already on to the next possible future.

I say it is time to set down the search. Time to stop valuing the future more than the present… More than NOW!

You see, we need to build the muscle of being here in this moment. Not trying to figure out what it will be or how we will feel, think or respond to it. But actually experience it as it occurs! Dance with what presents itself. Because we have gathered all the resources and resourcefulness we need, yet can’t know that until we give ourselves the gift of self-awareness. Which can only reveal itself in the moment!

The answer is simple. Be here now. We have access to everything that we need to respond beautifully and graciously to anything that presents itself. It is by being present in this current moment that we find our flow and connection to All-That-Is.

With Light, Love, and Laughter