beinghumanI know that what we think about we create. I know that worrying about something is like envisioning something you don’t actually want. I know that our attitude affects the people, situations, and experiences we attract. I get all of that.., and I still can’t help doing an emotional dance with worry or fear.

We are human. One of our primary opportunities here on earth is learning fluidity with our emotions. All of them. Not just the pretty ones. We can be up, hopeful and loving in one moment. Then find ourselves is anger or frustration the next. This is foundational to the human experience. Our emotions are real.

It is not about avoiding any of the emotions. It is about experiencing them and deciding how that experience influences our next choice. How they alter our direction or perhaps perspective. They inform us.

The problem is when they control us. When whatever emotion(s) we are experiencing become more important than our internal knowing. When they are so loud or persistent that they drown out the subtle voice of our own higher guidance.

I usually feel like I am pretty good at seeing the patterns or pitfalls of particular emotions. I can trace the origin back to previous situations or similar circumstances. Or there is always the future-thinking that has the potential to trigger various emotions.

But lately I feel kind of locked in. Like I have no option or choice about the emotions I hangout with. As a result I have been feeling ‘off’.

At times I am aware this is what is happening and that at any moment I could set it down and choose a different emotional energy to play with. But at other times, it just feels like that is the way it is. All the time!

What frustrates me the most is that this feels like a road I have already traveled. Ground I have already covered. Haven’t I moved beyond this?

Then I remember, I have already written about this experience. The one where it feels like you are covering the same ground, when in truth, because of your journey and what you have done along the way, you are really seeing it from a new and different vantage point.

So I am trusting that today. That I am right where I am suppose to be. That these well worn emotions are actually being dealt with from a new level. That where I am now offers something new that is here to be of service. Even when it feels as if I can’t tap into their higher purpose. Especially while I am mired in the midst of them!

Maybe this is why I connected with my good friend Gail Larsen this week. She shared her ‘Holy Fools’ event coming up this Tuesday. These are tumultuous times, and even those of us who are normally quite at peace with our emotions are feeling taxed.

If you’re feeling like it is an intense time and want to be inspired, check out the link below. It is a free offering from Gail that at least for me, feels quite timely! Especially since I am in the midst of feeling my humanness!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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