“It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.”
Rumi, Persian poet, Islamic scholar, and Sufi mystic

Have you been following the destruction that hurricane Ian has caused along the East coast? My heart goes out to those who have suffered so much loss. It brings back memories of being evacuated for 3 days due to a fire in the Oakland Hills in 1991. Over 2800 homes were lost, 437 condominium and apartments were lost. At least 25 people lost their lives. The hurricane damage and loss is proving to be more severe and it’s unknown the toll that will be taken. This is true of so many natural disasters, isn’t it? So why am I sharing this? Although our home didn’t burn due to a late wind change we didn’t know for 3 days. I was amazed at the courage that so many people had choosing to rebuild after so much loss. 

During this time we were able to walk a different journey with some of our neighbors – a journey of rebuilding. We see this happen when volunteers and communities rally after natural disasters. It reminds me of our own journey of spiritual awakening and remembering – a journey that’s uniquely ours. A journey that others may walk with us but can’t walk for us! For many this spiritual re-awakening may feel like a burning down or total destruction of old ways of being. Old habits, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes no longer fit. It takes courage to be willing to change and embrace you and who you are becoming! American poet and author, E. E. Cummings has said, “It takes courage to show up and become who you really are.”

For me, this has been an evolving journey of opening to new possibilities. My core values haven’t wavered and yet I’ve shed old beliefs. More and more I realize that there is so much that remains a mystery and so much I don’t know. I’m learning to trust and have faith! Philosopher and theologian, Paul Tillich, has said, “The courage to be is the courage to accept oneself, in spite of being unacceptable. Accepting myself has been my focus for sometime. It’s weird, I think, how others see us so differently than we see ourselves at times. I guess this is a part of courageously accepting ourselves even if others don’t. 

Be brave and courageous fellow travelers! Being you takes courage. Learn to love the adventure, mystery and surprise of what’s re-awakening and what you’re remembering. You are unique and never alone. I’m sending each one of you lots of love and hope that you have an amazing week filled with fun and laughter. I’m also sending love to those who are suffering loss and those responders who are helping!

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