This has been another week of interesting conversations. It seems as if they have covered the whole spectrum. Yet what stands out the most for me, is what we each choose to believe.

Clients and friends have talked to me about ETs, Angels, Chem-trails, crop circles, government mind control, wars created by religion, and just about anything you could imagine. I myself have been talking a bit about channeling. These are all topics that we can get passionate about IF we have strong beliefs about them.

And it is this idea of beliefs that has been the thread that connects these conversations for me.

Many times when someone becomes dogmatic about a topic, it is a turn-off for me. I love to hear their perspective and understand what influences them. However, when they try to convince me that I should believe the same things as they do.., then it becomes tiresome. Most of the situations I found myself in this week were NOT that. They were simply sharing their own insights and what they believe.

What if you are part alien? What if the government is using television as mind-control? What if there are chemicals being sprayed in the air to shift our climate or alter our DNA? What if someone is trying to place a curse on you?

If we believe something, then it affects our lives.  If I believe the deck is stacked against me. It is. If I believe I am susceptible to a disease. I am.  If I believe the government is hiding secrets about Area 51 and aleins.., then it’s true; for me.

My point is that our beliefs are one of the strongest influences of what happens in our lives. We have a belief, and then see and filter the world around us based on that belief. All of us have multiple beliefs that influence each moment of our day. Many of our beliefs actually contradict one another.  Yet, most of us haven’t taken the time to figure that out!

Introduce someone else into the equation, with their own beliefs and what have you got?  Sometimes we feel lucky.., as if we have found a new alliance or connected with a dear friend, because we share similar beliefs.  Or, just as likely we meet someone whose beliefs are so different from ours that it seems impossible that we could co-exist. Lines are drawn in the sand, with each of us protecting and defending our beliefs!

We choose our beliefs beginning at the earliest stages of our lives. Most of them, we don’t even remember their origin. Sure, we’ve changed some along the way. Things that were true for us 5, 10 or 20 years ago have morphed or softened, become more engrained or have simply been forgotten. Yet they remain a part of us. Unless.., we choose to change them.

This may seem like a simple or easy thing to do.., but many of our beliefs are held at the sub-conscious level of the mind. We are not even aware of how much they influence our day-to-day experience. How do we change something we are not even aware of?

This is where our personal experience comes in to play! For many of us, our beliefs are the keys to portions of our spiritual journey! We adopted them early on, to set the course for what we would experience in this lifetime. Our beliefs help us attract situations that move us toward fulfilling our life-purpose (This is an example of one of my beliefs!). When we encounter a situation that bumps up against one of our beliefs, we either reconfirm the belief, or begin to notice a crack or flaw in the belief. Our beliefs are constantly moving us back and forth along the spectrum of possibilities. It is a matter of how aware of or attached we are to our beliefs that determine our reaction in each situation that is presented.

Mind you many beliefs serve us well! But if you are coming up against the same type of situations over and over again. Maybe it is time to sit with your beliefs and see if they still make sense or if you are being invited to make some alterations! Trust me.., I am looking here too!

With Light, Love, and Laughter