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Out of the Darkness and Into the Light!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

It seems that daily I see more and more contrast and what is broken in our world and yet I also see more and more hope and inspiration emerging. There are days I say, “Enough! It’s time to begin fixing things!” Then I remember that really the only thing I can “fix” is me, the choices I make and how I respond to others’ choices! I realize that the more centered and peaceful I am the more around me changes. If I’m upset and angry or resentful then that’s what my reality reflects.

I also hear many people wanting to return to “normal”. I ask myself, “What does normal mean in a new reality?” I don’t believe we can ever go back to how things were. In fact, I believe we are being offered an opportunity to create a new normal, so to speak. I feel like we’ve been given a gift if we choose to see it that way. read more…

What Are Your Super Powers?

“When we act from a space of love, we unleash our super powers.”
~ Nimesh Nimo Patel, Empty Hands Music Founder

Hmmm. Super powers? Lately I’ve been so impressed with the selfless service of so many people throughout the world. To me they are fearless and yet fearful at the same time. Does this make sense? It makes me wonder about the courage it takes to be a health care worker, first responder, postal worker, sanitation worker, janitorial workers, grocery workers, warehouse workers, and so many other nameless professions and workers.

What does it mean to be a hero? Is it something that one day you wake up and say, “Today I’m going to be a hero?” I don’t believe it. To me, a hero is someone who shows courage and in spite of a challenge they rise to the occasion in the moment. They step up to help others. I’m curious how you feel about what it means to be a hero. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you are heroes and don’t think of what you do as anything special, right? read more…

Into the Unknown!

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”
~ C.S. Lewis, British Novelist and Scholar

How often have you heard the saying, “Now is all there is”? Does it resonate with you? Think about it. The past is gone except in memories. The future has many possibilities and is unknown. The present, NOW, is what’s real. The choices we make NOW will create the future! Make sense? So, the future is really unknown, isn’t it? Each one of us is being invited to take a huge leap of faith into the unknown. The choices we make today will create the future, yes?

It sounds so easy doesn’t it? Well, I guess it can be once fear, anxiety, uncertainty, comfort, and the need or desire to control outcomes are released! Whew! How does that sound? For some, this can be challenging and for others I can hear the joy of leaping into the unknown with a loud shout of WooHoo!! read more…

A Time to Reflect!

“Don’t become too pre-occupied with what is happening around you.
Pay more attention to what is going on within you.”
~ Mary-Frances Winters, Author

I don’t know about you but “staying at home”, for me, has provided an incredible opportunity for inner and self-reflection. I find this type of reflection can be challenging. It’s so much easier when there are other things I can use to distract me! LOL

In today’s environment it’s easy to focus on what’s going on around us through the media, friends, and the internet. Depending on the source you might find yourself immersed in fear and anxiety. When this happens it’s better to shut off the external influences! Remember there’s an invitation to take time for yourself – time to feel grateful, enjoy the beauty around you, immerse yourself in nature, and seek answers within. This requires quieting your racing thoughts and moving inward. I like to think of it as moving into my heart space or consciously meeting my soul! read more…