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Beyond Limitation

I’ve just finished an Advanced Messengers of Light Healing program with Annie Bossingham and fellow healers. It was amazing and I highly recommend any program that Annie offers. They include: The Artistry of Channeling, The New Paradigm, Healing With the Messengers of Light, and a Contact Workshop to name a few. All of them are amazing, result in unexpected surprises, and stretch my consciousness and beliefs more than I could have imagined! Whew!! I’m grateful for Annie and her willingness to share her gifts with us. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to choose to change my reality and let go of old beliefs, habits, attitudes, and perceptions! How cool is that?

I’ve been an Energy Healer for over 15 years and during that time I’ve evolved and expanded my toolbox and how I offer healing for others. Why? Because I’ve changed through the process. I’ve grown and expanded my consciousness and let go of limiting beliefs and practices. I’m still on the journey and so are many of you. Right?

So, what was so special about this opportunity and invitation for me? Have you ever wondered how much more you can become and who you were meant to be? Well, I have. Part of the journey, however; has been accepting and owning the truth of who I am and who I’m becoming. Some of you might resonate with this, right? Well, what’s clear is that we all have a choice to move forward, remain stuck in place or live in the past. What are you choosing? read more…

Random Acts of Kindness

How has your week been? Once again there seems to be so much going on in the world and in our personal lives. In the midst of chaos we have to choices to make, don’t we? Change precedes and follows chaos as we’ve talked about before. So, what ways can you rise above the fray so to speak? How can you keep positive and moving forward rather than become paralyzed – not knowing which way to turn in spite of the chaos?

Staying centered is key. Creating a more conscious prayer or meditation practice helps as well as focusing on deep breathing to calm when you are anxious. Visualization and intention setting techniques also work. I have found that these practices are all helpful and beneficial. Some of you have also shared how much you benefit from them as well.

As I’ve enjoyed my own practice this week the theme of “kindness” has come up. So I’ve been sitting with it. Co-incidentally I belong to a meditation/discussion group who joins in a remote meditation monthly. This month, one of the members suggested that during our meditation we would be sending a heart generated request to the heart of the world to feel a strong impulse towards random acts of kindness for 7 days! I love the idea and how synchronicity works. I’m so grateful to be aware when this happens. I realize how interconnected we all are through consciousness. read more…

Who’s In Charge?

Can acceptance lead to feeling more grateful? Hmmm…I’ve noticed a shift. It happens when I release the illusion of control and resistance! It changes how I feel. Rather than being upset, angry, depressed, or feeling helpless imagine the power you might feel when you let go of things that you can’t control! This doesn’t mean abdicating responsibility for your actions or the choices that are yours to make. Does this make sense?

Let’s play for a moment, ok? Remember the last time you didn’t want to accept a situation that you found yourself in and you felt helpless, depressed, upset or angry. Remember how you felt. Perhaps you felt like you wanted to “take charge”, “hurry things along”, or “force a desired outcome”. You may have told yourself, “Let’s get this show on the road!” Oops! There’s that desire and need to control the outcome! LOL I’m sure you meant it in that moment. I’ve been there myself! How did you feel? What happened next? Were you able to hurry things along and get the desired outcome you wanted? Was it the best outcome that could have happened? Maybe? Maybe not.

Let’s continue to play. Now, close yours eyes and take a deep breath and remember the same experience. . .imagine accepting what is yours to do and let go of what isn’t – what is out of your control? What can you control? Your choices! What are the choices that you want to make now? What are the choices that aren’t yours – the ones that others are responsible for making – the ones you have no control over? Let them go! read more…

Do You Feel Whole?

How many of you feel whole and complete? For many, there is an ongoing search to feel complete from things found in the external environment. For others, feeling whole comes from within. I’ve been sitting with this and reflecting on my own journey. How I feel about being complete and whole has shifted through the years. I definitively feel it through every fiber of my being. How about you?

I wondered why feeling complete and whole took so long for me. As I look back on my life I have learned that I chose to wake up later in life and chose to create a foundation from traditional experiences before I began to explore less traditional ones over 20 years ago. That’s when my journey of spiritually awakening began. Believe me it has been warp speed since then! LOL

I’ve felt, for many years, that our journey home is going home to Source and LOVE! This doesn’t mean you have to physically leave the planet in order to be on this journey. Each one of us gets there in our own time and unique way through the choices we make as well as our commitment to personal growth. Plato, a 4th Century B.C.E. Greek philosopher, has said, “Love is the name for our pursuit to be complete.” Hmmm. There is something here don’t you think? If God/Goddess/All That Is – Source, is love then perhaps we don’t feel complete or whole until we remember this truth. What do you think? read more…