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The Power of Love!

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
~ Jimi Hendrix

After participating in a group conversation and meditation this week one of the members shared the above quote by Jimi Hendrix. It touched a chord within my heart and soul. Another person reminded us that the 50th anniversary of Woodstock is being celebrated right now. This brought back memories of the peace movement, hippies, and love that took place in the past. Am I dating myself? Some of you may remember! LOL read more…

We Are Part of the Whole!

Words seem inadequate to describe the feelings I’ve experienced this week. Shock, horror, sorrow, anger, helplessness, judgment, hope, and yes even love! A wide range of emotions have been felt by me and others. The continued mass shootings in our country and harm by and to other human beings seems unreal and yet it is a reality. As I’ve reflected on how I’ve felt this week I’ve asked, “What’s mine to know or do about it?” At times I felt overwhelmed. Other times I just wanted to ignore it. And then, as I breathed and felt myself calming, I chose to lean more into Grace and be open and willing to receive guidance.

Once I focused more inward I was reminded that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. So what does this mean to me? An opportunity to look at and re-evaluate what I value and cherish has been presented. An opportunity to change and be willing to do what’s necessary to change has also been presented. For each one of us the answers will be different. 

Peace and change must begin within me first before anything around me changes. I ask, “What prejudices, biases, hate, self-judgment do I continue to hold within me?” If any are revealed I ask for help to change and transform them so that I can become more loving, accepting, and compassionate of me and others. I find that often there are a few surprises when I do this. As I’ve become more aware and conscious in my personal growth for over 20 years I’ve learned that shedding of old habits and beliefs happens in layers. After a time only residue remains to be released.  read more…

What About Control?

Over the past couple of weeks I can’t believe how many people I’ve talked to that are having opportunities to recognize and address “control” stuff. Yes, this includes me too!! I keep thinking I’ve completely dealt with my need or desire to “control” things. What I realize is that “dealing” with it is still a form of wanting to “control” the outcome. Hmmm. “How did “control” show up for me this time”, you ask? 

Imagine you’re on a road trip and riding as a passenger. Imagine you have total faith and trust in the driver. Now imagine your right foot starts applying the brake because you feel that you are too close to the car in front of you! Yes, and imagine this happening a number of times during the trip and wondering, “What in the heck is going on?” You tell the driver during a stop, “I’m sorry for applying the brake so often. I trust your driving completely. Is this something new?” They said, “No, it’s happened before but it’s ok!” Wow. I had a choice to make. I could relax, acknowledge, accept, and try not to dig a hole in the floor of the car or I could beat myself up and judge myself. Guess what I chose to do? LOL

When we returned home and I had time to reflect on what happened I realized that this was an example of how uncomfortable I was because I wasn’t driving and feeling in “control”. Whew! We have so many opportunities to see layers of ourselves, don’t we? They can appear in a variety of ways. A couple of days later I had an opportunity to share my story with a couple of friends and they began to tell me that they were having different experiences as well. All of them were about “control”! Synchronicity!  read more…

In Silence

How has your week been? Lots of doing and being active? Have you had a chance to create a few moments of silence this week to experience and visit what I call “the inner monastery”? You might think of this as your heart space as well. I know that everyday living can be hectic and taking time for inner reflection often falls low on the list of priorities. However, I believe creating time for a few moments to BE silent is essential to our well being and personal growth.

I find that it really doesn’t matter where silence can be created. For example, some find opportunities to BE in silence while in nature. Others find silence in church, during meditation, a quiet place at home, or even while driving! If you’re driving please don’t close your eyes! LOL 

Seriously, driving can provide you moments of silence to help quiet your racing thoughts through deep breathing. This gives you an opportunity to clear your mind and gain clarity. There are many ways that opportunities to BE in silence and experience the benefits of entering your “inner monastery”.  read more…

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