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Open to Possibilities!

I’ve spent this weekend with fellow adventurers and Annie Bossingham in the Advanced Artistry of Channeling class and WOW!! Although I’ve been a channel for many years “trance channeling” has opened possibilities to explore that I’ve never imagined. Whether you want to channel for others or not, for me, it has been the best personal growth experience I’ve ever had. How is that possible?

When I began Annie’s Artistry of Channeling program almost 5 years ago I had no expectation of what the experience would be or what I would get out of it. Opening to possibilities and as Annie says, “Be willing to play the fool”, was key! As I look back I can see how much I wanted to control things. Truly, I know that the only thing I can control are my choices. In order to continue my personal growth I’ve had to release a lot of old and constrictive beliefs as well as an image of myself that I held closely for many years.

Working in a corporate environment for many years solidified what I believed my image should be. Why? Certain attitudes and behaviors were considered acceptable and others weren’t. I flourished in that environment for many years and received lots of positive recognition as a result. I didn’t realize how much of my truer self was hidden until I began to spiritually awaken before I retired from corporate America. Then the “real” journey began! It’s been incredible and I’ve found I’ve opened more and more to what’s possible and continue to move into more expansive beliefs and experiences.
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Love Yourself!

How do you feel about YOU? How often do you judge, criticize, or put yourself down? Sometimes when I get in that place I imagine Jiminy Cricket sitting on my shoulder whispering these things to me. In reality I’ve come to think of him as my negative ego – the one who’s never told me the truth! I’ve also learned that when this happens I know the things being said aren’t true so I take a deep breath, acknowledge Jiminy Cricket and then send him on a vacation! LOL

Once Jiminy Cricket leaves I become more centered and see things more clearly. I find this behavior is more common than you might think. I’ve wondered if it’s because of our environment, social conditioning, past life interference, or current life experiences. I don’t believe it’s one or the other. In fact, it can be a combination of things that contribute to how we feel about ourselves.

Many women that I know put themselves last. They feel that it’s easier to give than to receive or ask for help. It’s easier to find fault with themselves rather than look at a bigger picture. In years past I’ve found it challenging to “speak my truth”, wanting to please, and afraid of not living up to others’ expectations. Sound familiar? read more…

Holding Space

Have you ever found yourself creating an intention to “hold space” for someone? It could be a family member, friend, friend of a friend, sick pet, or someone you don’t even know except that you sense or may have been told about their need for support. I have told someone, “I’m holding space for you.” During the group healing evenings with the Messengers of Light I “hold space” for the group. During group meditations that I facilitate I also “hold space” for the participants. So, I’ve been reflecting on what “holding space” means to me this week. Have you used this intention or ever wondered about what it means to you?

Hmmm. What I’ve found, for me, is that I generally use the intention to “hold space” when I’m creating a healing space for someone or a group. You might use it differently. What I find interesting is that I recognize I use it in situations when I personally have no control of the outcome. Yes, I realize that the only control I have are the choices I make and how I respond to others’ choices. Control is a figment of my imagination! LOL Through the years I’ve been able to release old beliefs around control and I know that many of you have too.

I also realize that healing is up to the receiver of the healing. It requires an openness to receive and willingness to integrate the healing by each individual. There are many reasons why people choose not to heal and it isn’t always a conscious choice. It’s taken a long time for me to embrace this. Each person’s soul journey is individual and unique. read more…

What Are You Willing to Change?

Many people I talk to right now want to make changes in their life. Frequently I hear, “I don’t know what I want or how to go about it?” Seeing a path forward is often unclear. This is pretty common and yet there is an underlying anxious feeling that occurs when this happens. “Why can’t I figure this out?” I’m asked. There’s alot of self-judgment that happens. It’s important to stop beating yourself up! We always have a choice to change and a choice to change how we respond to others. That’s part of our super powers! It’s our choice!

Through the years of working with many clients and drawing on my own personal experience I’ve found some common themes about why it’s challenging at times to make life changes. Let’s explore 2 of them. Fear of the unknown is a big one. When current routines are comfortable often fear creates blocks or resistance to creatively look outside of the box for answers, so to speak. It’s not always easy to change our habits and behaviors some of which we hold deeply in our sub-conscious or unconscious. Looking back I remember how frequently I’ve said, “I love change!” I’m now aware that I love change when I think I can control it! LOL Who doesn’t like to feel they’re in charge?

How about playing it safe because you don’t want to disappoint someone? This can happen in relationships of all kinds; personal, professional, community, and others. Compromise is common for relationships to flourish isn’t it? Is it possible to successfully grow in a relationship without giving away your power? Yes it is! I’ve found that communication is key. Speaking truth is also a big part of this. Don’t give away your power and hold resentment or bury your feelings because you want to maintain the status quo or please someone. read more…

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