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You Are Worthy!

I find that many people I see want to please others to the degree that they lose sight of their own needs. This is especially true for women. Wanting to please and take care of others can often result in stuffing feelings deep and not speaking what’s on their mind. I can relate to this myself. It’s taken me many years to feel comfortable in letting others know what I’m feeling. 

Do you feel worthy? Do you feel like you deserve a happy and healthy life? Do you feel like you are cherished and admired by your partner, family, friends, or colleagues? Do you feel seen and heard? On the surface these questions may seem a little weird. However, in my practice I find that these themes come up frequently. Sometimes these feelings are deeply buried and it takes a commitment to get to the bottom of what the client is feeling and experiencing – putting words to what the client feels.

First, it took me really getting in touch with what was important to me and what I desired in my life. For many years I feel like I put others first and I ignored what I needed. Fortunately I understand this now and I’m able to speak my truth so to speak. Once I got over the belief that my family would divorce me if I changed it became easier. It’s amazing the stories we make up and perpetuate in our minds, isn’t it?

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I Can’t Get No Satisfaction!

What? A Rolling Stones hit? What’s up with that? LOL

Some of you might think my writing process is a bit weird! All I can say is, “It is what it is and seems to work for me!” There have been a few topics percolating within me all week and today this title came so I’ve sat with it this morning to see how it unfolded. The first layer that came was that satisfaction comes from within not from others or externally. I believe that’s true just as “Peace comes from within” (Thich Nhat Han).

The journey of re-awakening is an inward one. A journey of shedding layers of illusion to the truths that are accessed deep within us. There really is nothing “out there”. It’s all within you and me! For change to happen in our lives we must first change within ourselves. We are the authors of our life, the artist of our canvas and the master gardener of our beautiful inner gardens so to speak.

I was talking to my oldest son on the phone yesterday. He’s been in Georgia for a couple of months working on a disaster recovery and environmental clean up team due to the recent hurricanes. He’s on his way home back to his family in Northern California and may join the efforts in Paradise, CA that were devastated by the recent fires. As we talked we reflected on our past white collar jobs and choices we have made. I mentioned that hindsight was wonderful and there are choices that I’ve made through the years that I’ve regretted. We laughed. I realize that I’ve learned and grown from those choices and in my prayer, meditations, and intentions I’ve asked for forgiveness from the individuals I felt I needed to. He reminded me that I have always had a loving heart which I appreciated and it reminded me how hard it’s been to forgive myself! read more…

Young People are Awakening

Recently I’ve had an opportunity to work with an 11 year old girl at the request of her mother. Her mother gifted her a session with me for her birthday at her daughter’s request. I was surprised and honored. I really didn’t know what to expect when we met. I asked if she wanted her mother to join us and her mom left the choice up to her. She asked her mom to stay. The session was beautiful and both mom and daughter seemed to get a lot out of it. Questions were asked and answers shared. I was impressed that this young girl had a clear vision of what she wanted to do with her life as well. I recorded the session and sent the recording to her mom for their reference. Opportunities for conversation between the two of them opened in different ways.

Why am I bringing this up now? It was a beautiful reminder of how open many of our young people are today. They are having experiences that are different from most of their friends. They have questions and yet don’t know how to talk about their experiences with their friends or teachers. In some cases there is fear because they feel different. They know things but don’t have a language to talk about them. Sometimes their thought processes are so fast they get bored easily in school and their grades begin to slip. They feel different and often isolated. Fortunately, in the case of my client, her mom was very “tuned in” and supportive. read more…

What Does Family Mean?

Celebrating and hosting Thanksgiving dinner this week has made me think a lot about who family is for me. We were blessed to have our youngest son and his wife here for a few days since they live out of state. It was really special. Unfortunately our oldest and his family couldn’t be with us. We enjoyed having many of my husband’s family, living in Arizona, join us as well. Other friends who are close to us joined in too. We even had a few new people join us. They fit in so well and engaged with everyone so easily that it felt like they were part of the family too!

So, I asked myself, “Who is family for me?” Our family is multi-generational and ranges in age from 3 years to 80+. I know that we have our birth and adopted families. For some there are others who may be closer than our birth or adopted families. Then there are Soul Family members who have found one another to fulfill agreements made before entering this human experience. Does this make them any less a family member?

Although I’m the oldest of four kids each of us moved to different states as we became adults and really weren’t close. We had different interests. We’ve reconnected though since my dad passed in 2013 and mom passed last year. We still live in different states but make a conscious effort now to stay in touch! I’ve seen how family relationships ebb and flow and how new extended members enter and leave.
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