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Dream. Imagine. Vision

Dream. Imagine. Vision. Have you done it lately? Is there a right or wrong way to do it? Not really. When was the last time you let your imagination run wild? Yes, wild! Do you include fun, spontaneity, and/or limitless possibilities?

Many of you may have celebrated the Summer Solstice this week on June 21st! It’s considered to be the longest day of the year and often the first day of summer. It’s a time of transition from one season to another and some of you may have created intentional rituals to acknowledge the new time. It can symbolize, for many, a letting go time and doors opening for new possibilities. It’s a great time to dream, imagine, and vision!

Why not? It can be fun and easy if you take time to let your imagination out to play! Have you been holding it in check lately because you don’t see a way to have it be real? You don’t have to know how things will happen. The first step is to allow the dream and vision to emerge. Does this make sense? Get it out! You can speak it, draw it, write about it, or create a vision board to visually represent it with words and pictures for example. There are many ways to express it creatively. Maybe you want to sing it!! read more…

Meeting Soul!

The beauty deep within each and every sentient being yearns to awaken! This is Soul, the Divine Feminine, yearning to be acknowledged and connect more consciously with you. Soul may also be referred to as essence, life force, or your eternal self.

Have you felt restless lately and don’t know why? Have you yearned for something more but don’t know what it is? Is there something you want to change in your life but it’s just out of your grasp? Have you listened to music or seen a beautiful piece of art and are so touched that your heart clenches or tears appear for no reason? These are indicators that Soul is awakening. Mine began awakening over 30 years ago while praying in church. The music touched me and tears rolled down my cheeks. I didn’t know until many years later what was going on.

Why do I believe it’s important to engage Soul more consciously? In times of uncertainty and chaos, times like now, I feel that Soul can comfort and guide us. After thousands of years of suppressing women, people of color, LGBTQ, and those who believe differently Soul helps us to become more compassionate, kind, loving, lovable, unifying, and willing to listen to others. Soul also, along with High Self, holds a greater vision for each one of us. I know that I’ve mentioned this in earlier writings. read more…

Be Free!

Have any of you thought about what being free or freedom means to you this week? I have. Throughout my life there have been times when I know that I’ve taken freedom for granted. More and more I’m grateful for being free to choose, vote; share my ideas and opinions; go to school, work, travel, help others, love, be loved; live where I want to live; and believe what I want to believe. These are some of the freedoms that are important to me. I’m grateful!

I observed the honoring of Veterans who lost their lives during the Battle of Normandy this week and my heart and soul were touched at a deep level. I thought of my dad who wasn’t at Normandy but served on a Merchant Marine ship in the Pacific during World War II. Like some soldiers, during this war, he convinced his dad to lie about his age in order to serve. Protecting the country, our freedom, and helping our Allies was key.

I was also reminded of several friends and acquaintances who were drafted or volunteered for the draft during the Vietnam war. Some returned and some did not. One of my brothers was stationed in South Korea while tensions rose with North Korea. I know that I’m not unique. Many of you have friends and family members who have served as well. The reasons behind these wars hasn’t always been clear. And yet, we continue to send troops around the world helping others protect their freedoms and ultimately ours. read more…

Faith and Hope

Everyday seems to bring a new distraction. Government antics. International upsets. Personal tragedies. Community violence. Where does one turn to feel secure and safe? Truly, security and safety must be felt within each one of us first. 

Hmmm. I ask, “How can I feel secure and safe within so much chaos?” The guidance I still receive is that security, safety, faith and hope must begin within me! If I hold that space and resonance it can change me and affect others. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Some days I feel like I’m living in an alternate reality and observing some really bizarre behaviors! Does this process still apply? Yes!

So what’s the difference between faith and hope? Is it important to have both? To me, faith means believing in something without having any proof. Hope means that I have a desire and believe and expect something will happen. I suppose we can debate the nuances of both but let’s not! I believe that both can co-exist. read more…

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