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Resurrection and Liberation!

This week, for many, has been one of celebrating resurrection and liberation in the Christian and Jewish traditions. I realize that other traditions may not celebrate in this way; however, this isn’t meant to be a religious discussion. Rather, the themes of resurrection and liberation have presented an opportunity for reflection.

Why do these themes appeal to me right now? Several people I’ve spoken with recently have expressed feeling restless; wanting to change but not knowing what to do; unable to see things clearly; feeling unusually fatigued; as well as having other symptoms. Others are looking for reasons to feel hopeful and not hopeless. What is ready to be freed or brought to life?

There seems to be a huge shift in energies happening right now. Universal energies in 2019 support creativity and creative expression. Lunar energies of the full moon this week bring optimism and a sense of new beginnings.
I’ve noticed that I, too, have felt some of these energies. Recently I’ve begun to feel new inspiration and creativity percolating. I’m choosing to hold the energies of hope and what’s possible – not dwelling on the negative. My revised website,, has a new tag line of Ignite the Spark of Hope! How fun, yes? read more…

Heart-Based Living

For several years I’ve used imagery of moving into the heart space or heart chakra as a way to quiet my thoughts. As I lead guided visualizations I also use this imagery. Recently, while working with a young woman who has been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks due to a physical trauma, I used this imagery. After her experience she said, “I feel so much calmer and better. I feel clearer and I don’t feel as anxious!” Personally, I’ve experienced inner peace and calming using this imagery.

Some of you have probably heard people talk about heart-based living. This is something I’ve embraced but I didn’t learn how to do it from anyone. As I laughingly tell people, “Some travel from point A to Z in a straight line and others zig and zag!” Guess which way I do it? Yes, I zig and zag. For me, it’s all about experiencing things! LOL Whichever way you use you will get there eventually!

So, things have been percolating and I’ve been sitting with this for a few days. I asked, “What is heart-based living and what does it mean to me?” For those of you who like to investigate and understand things and you aren’t familiar with HeartMath Institute I encourage you to take a look at their website. There have been lots of studies done looking at brain, heart and consciousness. Doc Childre, founder of HeartMath said, “Heart-based living is about including your heart’s intuition as you navigate through life’s relationships and events. This brings balance to your mind and emotions and unfolds your authentic self.” Amazing, isn’t it? read more…

A Time of Re-Birth!

Hello everyone! How have you been feeling lately? Some people that I’ve talked to recently are experiencing physical symptoms. They describe them as allergies, flu, or colds, to name a few. I know that I’ve had some sneezing fits, itchy eyes, and low energy on a couple of days. Allergies? Maybe. Can it be something else? Maybe.

I’ve been checking in and have found myself saying “Yes” to allergies although I haven’t really been affected by them most of my life. The next time I check in I find myself feeling it’s more of an energy shift or what some may call a “resonance shakedown”! Hmmmm. Maybe both?

As I reflect on what’s happened in the environment recently there has been a lot of conversation around climate change. Severe rain, snow, tornados, and hurricanes are happening more frequently and in ways that are new. Big shifts in barometric pressure as well. I know that the Earth is changing and at times I feel like precious Gaia is screaming in pain. For some of you sensitives I know that you can also feel her pain. This, too, can be felt in the physical body. How much of Mother Earth’s pain is affecting how we feel? read more…

Ignite the Spark of Hope!

Hi everyone! Some of you have asked whether my husband’s wallet was returned after losing it last weekend. I’m happy to say, “Yes, it’s in the mail as we speak. Thank you for asking!” We received a phone call a couple of days ago and found that it was returned by a kind soul to an art gallery close to where we were enjoying the weather and music. Although we took appropriate actions like freezing credit cards we still held space for hope! We were ok if it wasn’t returned, sad to lose irreplaceable photos; but we are very happy to have it back! Interestingly the person my husband spoke to at the art gallery mentioned there was good Karma involved!

During my channeling evening with Luminus this week the theme also seemed to be “Hope”. No coincidence I believe. So what is it about “hope” that speaks to me? There are so many things everyday that can create doubt, complacency, and decision making paralysis. In fact, with so much distraction and chaos it can feel overwhelming most days.

Have you felt like this recently? Have you wondered how or if there’s anything that you can do to make a difference? Have you felt powerless or wondered if anyone will hear your voice expressing your thoughts and opinions? If you have then maybe it feels easier to do nothing or continue seeking signs for what’s yours to do. I know, I’ve had moments like this. It doesn’t feel good when I’m in this place because I want to help and be of service to others. read more…

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