When you read this newsletter, my road-trip will be coming to an end. Visiting with friends and the first half of a workshop will be over. However right now.. I am in the middle of this experience. Already it is becoming clear why this was the ideal time for this journey and some of what it has to offer.

I am spending time with people who have been a major part of my spiritual journey. Some of them like my friends in LA, probably don’t relate to our friendship as being part of my awakening. However it is clear to me.

Some of the others.., well: they know! They are teachers, leaders and coaches that have been committed to helping me to remember and connect with my inner guidance; and this is what they do for many! They live their Life’s Purpose.

I am enjoying the time that I have with them, and savoring what they have contributed to helping me see a new way of being. It is a time of reflection. A time for meandering down memory lane in a way that brings concrete awareness to all that has changed. Including how much time has elapsed during our journey. We are not the youngsters we once were, even if inside, it feels like our younger selves are still running the show!

There is a beauty in slowing down and taking this all in. There is an ease that we walk around in, which was hidden during the days of impatient desires and the younger versions of ourselves. There is a spaciousness that is comfortable and knowing at the same time. We see situations that in the past were perplexing and challenging. Now, we nod at the recognition that they are just part of our unique idiosyncrasy… And BTW, we all have them! We smile at ourselves, we smile with each other! Been there… done that!

And this is not about age. I know many people who are twenty or thirty years younger who have been doing their personal work for awhile. They too can look back and see their growth AND those who have been part of the journey. Not just as witnesses, but as co-creators, playmates and fellow-tribe members.

This week I am feeling very blessed! It is ever more clear to me that the willingness to share in the exploration of our spiritual nature and to remember and reveal our authentic-selves, makes for a strong bonding agent!

With Light, Love, and Laughter