Breathe That In

“Breathe that in.” This is what I kept saying to myself last night as people were sharing their experience and feelings of/for Storm Wisdom…, and me.

I thought about how many times I have said that to others. “Breathe that in.”

Someone getting heartfelt acknowledgement or recognition for who they are or their impact on others.., and trying to bypass it, or move to the next topic. As good as hearing the words might feel, often we attempt to minimize them. Because receiving those kinds of compliments or words of praise are sometimes hard for us to receive.

But to not take those words in is a dis-service to ourselves and to the person who is offering their sincere feedback. So I kept saying to myself “Breathe that in.”

Why is this hard for so many of us? Actually, why is this so hard for me? It is not as if I am not proud of my role in what we have created. I am in awe and appreciation everyday. But my knee jerk reaction is to dismiss or diminish my impact. But last night, my mantra was “Breathe that in.”

Here is the thing. What we have created is amazing. And when I say we.., I mean you too! Even if the only way we are connected is through this weekly newsletter or on social media… you are still part of this growing and evolving community. There is an energetic cord that connects us. Your energy helps us expand and thrive. Breathe that in!

Then imagine if you are one of the many who come visit us, shop with us, take classes here, or lean into the spiritual guidance that is offered. Your presence is vital. Your interactions make us who we are. You are the expanding web of connection that supports and sustains us. You help to shape us and stay current with what is important to you. We could not exist with out you! Breathe that in!

Then there are the amazing artists and teachers who share their gifts and creations here at Storm Wisdom. Many of them are the first introduction that many in our community have of us! We may have forged our own unique connections and/or relationships with those who originally came to experience their teachings or purchase their art/jewelry/book/creation. But it is because of them that so many have found us and chosen to stay connected and be a part of this community. If you are a teacher or artist that shares your talent here.., you are a huge part of our success. You are the pillars of our community. Breathe that in!

Finally.., there is my Storm Wisdom family. Those who work tirelessly to infuse this place with their individual and unique energies. Who, through their warmth, caring, commitment and humor, create a safe and inviting space where this community feels seen and valued for who they are. To my gorgeous family (Gisela, Millie, Mary Helen, Paul, Victoria and Stephanie) you are the personality and life force of this amazing place that is now celebrating its 8th year. Please.., Breathe that in!

And for all of you that spoke to me yesterday, shared the gift of your kind words, whether one-on-one, via e-mail, card or note, social media or from the stage. Please know I heard every word.., and I am still breathing them in! You mean the world to me and you inspire me to keep growing and becoming more of who I Am. I am blessed because of each and every one of you. Now please… Breathe that in!

With Light, Love, and Laughter


  1. Your 8th Anniversary celebration was simply amazing. I was thrilled to be in attendance and see so many of your friends and followers. It was a magical night for me to be back united with so many great people and to have met some new ladies who were very inspiring too. Thank you for all you do for your community of caring and wonderful people. Sandy S.

    • I loved having you with us for the celebration Sandy. It was wonderful to see that your creativity and inspiration was back in full gear! A testament to your tenacity and commitment to wellness! Thank you for always being so supportive of me and Storm Wisdom!

  2. Hey Charles, I want to thank you for being you! For your willingness to bare your soul in your newsletter which alone has given me many insights into my own stuff. The store that you created is beyond words for me. I love all of the classes that I have taken and being given the opportunity to take the ones that I didn’t make it to. I appreciate especially the Friday meditations! It is such a delight to come to Storm Wisdom because of you and your staff who are all very approachable, friendly and helpful. Thank you for creating a space that the energy of staff and stones mixed is so inviting…even intoxicating to me. I know that when I do manage to make it to Storm Wisdom I am greeted with such loving energy. Congrats on the 8th anniversary and many more to come!

    • Thanks Mary. Everything you have said is what makes creating and being apart of Storm Wisdom so fun and rewarding. We are just as happy when you come in and share your loving energy with us to… To many more intoxicating encounters! 🙂

  3. My dear friend! I am inspired by you and proud of who you are becoming, I have been on the side lines watching and cheering at every turn of your journey for many years. The internal light and beauty you exude can not be disminished by doubt or disbelief. What a treat to see you embrace “Breathe that in” as the wave of gratitude and appreciation will grow and flourish with each new year. Bringing your heart, joy, creativity, and love for humanity has and will continue to shift the resonance of all those you touch, directly and indirectly. Thank you for the commitment to living an intentional life! Love you, Mary

    • I Am so blessed to have you in my life. Not simply because you are on the sidelines watching and cheering. Because you are often leading, pulling or assisting with navigation! I love what we co-create. And.., I am breathing in all these beautiful words, because they mean so much! Sending much love back! Thank you!

  4. Dearest Charles, though time and space appears to separate our journeys, and so I could not attend your celebration this year, I know that I and all who know you deeply appreciate your willingness to share yourself and your journey and dreams so freely. The Phoenix area eight years ago ‘was like the desert waiting for the rain’ when you appeared on the scene to bring in new life to the Phoenix valley metaphysical community. Blessings, Joseph

    • Thanks Joseph! Even though you were not physically present, I feel your support through your writing insights. Thanks for always championing me (& everyone else) to be the best we can be. Highest regards!

  5. Wonderful insights Charles! SO glad you were able to accept some (all?) of the gratitude and appreciation that was coming to you and yours (family and center). Your generosity, vulnerability, enthusiasm and curiosity help make you incredibly inspiring to be around, and as a member of the Storm Wisdom Community, thanks for the reminder to “breathe that in” for me too!

    • Thank you Vikki. You know how much I treasure our friendship and connection. I am still breathing in the beautiful words and images from the handmade card you sent. I am grateful for all your support, encouragement and insights!


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