How often do you celebrate your success? When was the last time you did? How did you feel? I’ve come to realize that for many years I didn’t celebrate. I felt that what was perceived to be my success by others was “no big deal” to me. I hope this doesn’t sound too strange. A few years ago a dear friend of mine asked me, “When do you take time to celebrate what you’ve created?” At the time I had written several books, created a few meditation CDs, and co-created classes that I was offering. I was stunned for a moment because I realized I really had never thought about celebrating the creation of these things! To me, it was “no big deal!” Does this sound familiar to any of you?

I’m so grateful to my friend for bringing this into my awareness! Today, I’m more aware and take time to celebrate. How? I lean more and more into the energy of gratitude! Celebrating life isn’t limited to creating something. I find it means waking up everyday ready to celebrate being alive another day on the earth and being grateful that I get to do it! It means celebrating my loved ones and getting to spend more time with them that day. Offering my gratitude! I ask, “Show me ways to make a difference in someone’s life today!” All of this including offering a prayer of gratitude and healing for the earth and all life happens before I get out of bed.

This is a little ritual I enjoy every morning. How about you? I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “Life is precious.” It becomes more meaningful to me everyday. With some recent family health challenges I am more and more aware of how precious life is. Celebrating life is equally important.

Recently I was reminded of how some people celebrate life. A couple of years ago one family member lost his life to cancer leaving behind a wife and two small children as well as other family, extended family, and friends. Because they loved to spend time in Mexico at the beach his family and close friends have created a beautiful celebration by going to his favorite place in Mexico and spend the weekend lighting lanterns and remembering him around a bonfire on the beach. His kids love their time there and send prayers to their dad by lighting the lanterns. Through this ritual there is so much shared love, laughter, support, and comfort that is found. New memories are created and old stories are shared.

Perhaps creating a small ritual makes the celebration more real. I know it does for me. It becomes integrated within me and is a conscious choice I make and realize it’s something “I get to do” rather than something “I have to do!” Do you have any rituals that help you celebrate important milestones or people in your life? I would love to hear about them if you’re willing to share.

I believe that taking time to celebrate successes, milestones, or people in your life whenever you can is so important to create balance. Allow friends and loved ones to provide support and remind you when it’s necessary. If you’ve been physically restricted from walking and finally you take that first step and then walk to the mailbox or walk from the bedroom to the living area -Celebrate it! Maybe you aren’t able to do your “happy dance” in that moment but imagine yourself doing it! Being alive is a blessing! Are you able to move more into the energy of gratitude? What are you ready to celebrate right now? Take a moment.

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