I can’t even pretend to be thinking about anything except our 5th Anniversary Celebration! It was SO FUN! We were in celebration mode all day! People stopping in to share well wishes, hugs, love and support! Conversations, laughter, congratulations and well-wishes everywhere!

There is a lot that goes in to pulling off a party for 200+ people! And I am surrounded by wonderfully supportive people who were constantly volunteering to assist with any possible detail! My friends visiting from California who helped decorate the entertainment area and stage. Millie setting up and tending the bar along with help from her daughter Morgan. Stephanie and David decorating the Oasis room, Victoria and Paige dressing the outside tables, Fito and family setting up (and taking down the food tents). My sister Cheri and her friend Lisa that were visiting from Maine, for collecting tickets, handing out gifts and and assisting with the grab-bags. Any so many more who stepped in, when and wherever they saw a need.

AND the Amazing Gisela who was the first to arrive and the last to leave. She runs the show everyday… But for events like these, she is selfless, dedicated and turns in to a German Wonder Woman! I am not even sure how she does it as she is non-stop! Amazing!

We had the same caterer as the last two years, Alma, who does amazing authentic Mexican food. Brady who owns and hosted the photo booth, from Phoenix Photo Booths, made the night special with fun accessories and a positive spirit. I can’t wait to see all the copies! Paige who manned the guest banner and handed out glow-sticks was her usual darling self. Grady Soine of GradyMusic who played his own beautiful music on Keyboard. Yumi LaRosa and the boys in the band for the amazing Flamenco music and dance! And Ron and Beth from “The Arizona Project” who rented us their group space and public address system, to create the perfect entertainment venue. Perfection one and all!

I have to say I personally felt loved and acknowledged from head to toe. Is was wonderful to here how much of an impact Storm Wisdom has and is having on our community. And to connect with so many supportive and special friends. Thank you for joining us in person or sending your love from afar! You mean the world to me and I am looking forward to our next 5 years together.

PS… We are all sending love and light to our dear friend Michelle who took ill last night. Have a speedy and full recovery soon! I should confess, there are a number of people who would like to thank you for the bevy of fire fighters and paramedics that joined the party at least for a few minutes!!

With Light, Love, and Laughter