Hi there! It’s Victoria here. Charles has asked me to write the newsletter while he’s in his new Spanish Immersion experience in Mexico for the next 3 months. I’m honored and like Charles, I’m open to your feedback. We’re going to miss him and I hope you will join me and send him lots of love!!

For those of you who don’t know me I’m one of the Intuitive Consultants at Storm Wisdom. I’m also a Trance Channel, Healer, and Award Winning Author. Gisela and I have been with Charles since Storm Wisdom opened along with Paul who provides our website, newsletter, and IT support. As we’ve grown Stephanie, Millie and Mary Helen have joined us. We’re grateful for your support as we’ve grown and evolved over the past 9 years.

Change is a given. Have you ever felt like your creativity has stopped or you’ve reached a standstill and aren’t sure what to do? You feel something is ready to change. I’ve felt like my desire to write has been dormant for more than three years and yet I know that there’s been a lot of inner and personal growth/integration taking place. I’ve changed in many ways during this time; not judging myself and stopping the “should be doing” has been challenging at times. I feel the “spark” of creativity has emerged again in my desire to write and create new offerings!!

I recognize that taking time for inner exploration that can lead to letting go of old habits; making positive lifestyle changes; developing close and intimate relationships; or exploring what really makes us happy isn’t always encouraged. However; change and peace begins within each one of us. It’s been a 30 year conscious journey for me to accept this. I’ve found that when I change things around me change. I respond to things differently. This might be true for you too.

In a conversation with Charles recently we talked about how his trip to Mexico is really more than “just learning Spanish”. How often have the choices we’ve made in our lives really become more than we thought or expected? Hmmm. . . I wonder what changes will take place while Charles is gone?

I can be reached through Storm Wisdom or www.victoriabarna.com