How has your week been? Wow, a total lunar eclipse and blood moon! It’s a time that heralds significant change!! WooHoo! For those of you who are sensitive you may have been feeling more emotional and restless. Some say that as doors close others will open. Has it affected you at all?

I have found that I’ve become more sensitive during major lunar events. This week I’ve been experiencing some physical challenges and in the past I would have obsessed and worried about it; trying to figure out why it was happening. It’s nothing serious but I will call it more annoying. As I’ve been experiencing it this time I found myself in a place of acceptance and trusting that it would pass. Although, there have been times I’ve found myself starting to make up stories about why it was happening. (LOL) Maybe they were triggered by the lunar energy!

I’m sure many of you have great stories to tell! I’m finding that for me it’s a day to day thing. One day there’s no story and I’m in an energy of acceptance then later I’m back in the groove of creating a new story. Is this one of those situations where mind over matter prevails? Do you experience the same thing? Hmmm.

In addition, a dear friend of mine spent a few days in the hospital and required surgery. Although I knew things would be ok I still worried. Today, I’m asking myself, “How does worrying about things help? What role does creating stories play in the whole scheme of things and what impact are these lunar energies having on everything?” Weird, huh?

It’s amazing where my mind travels! As I’ve said before,“Where mind goes energy flows!” So, what have I been creating for myself this week? I guess this is what is real, yes? An awareness that’s coming right now is having more acceptance and compassion for me. Hmmm. No judgment!

What do I really want to pay attention to during these times of significant change? Yes, I believe that solar and lunar events impact me and the Earth. No, I’m not a scientist but I feel them. During these times I realize that how I respond to them is what my experience will be. As I navigated the week there were moments I felt resistance and moments of acceptance and going with the flow so to speak. When I found myself creating stories or dwelling on the challenges I went to my safe and quiet place, my inner garden! That’s where I found peace and clarity.

I realize that paying attention to what’s happening in the environment both the inner and outer is key. We are always shifting and changing. Being conscious and making conscious choices is a way of life for me. I ask, “What’s in the highest and best for me right now? What am I willing to change? Am I open to consider new possibilities?” How about you?

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