What is it about having choices that feels so empowering? Hmmm. I’m reminded of a book that I wrote and published in 2007 entitled Choice, A Simple Way to Peace. I wrote it as Emily, a young teenager, who woke up one morning and began to ask questions like, “What will the world be like when I step into my future? Who can I turn to for answers?” Sound familiar?

These questions have come up again, for me, as I listen to lawmake passing bills that, if upheld, take away women’s and human rights. I promise that this is not meant to be political. As a woman; however; I find it chilling that this is even on the table for consideration. I understand that a lot of underlying fear drives some of this restrictive behavior. For me, it triggers a feeling of dread. I understand that I can move through this dread, a perceived loss of personal freedom, and once I’m through it I will be able to see a new and more positive reality.

When I wrote the book Choice over twelve years ago I noticed that many of the same concerns voiced by Emily are still prevalent now! She realized that the only way for things to change was for each person to change. “Peace begins within” as Thich Nhat Han reminds us. For something to change in our environment we must first change within ourselves! In other words, if I don’t change then how can I expect others around me to change?

This brings me to the gift of choice that each one of us has. Yes, I feel freedom to choose is a gift. We have been blessed with free will and therefore the ability to make our own choices. Each choice we make creates another experience we have – another future, so to speak. How we respond to our choices also affects our experience. It is up to each one of us to choose how we participate in life. For example, do I choose to use prayer, meditation, activism, letter writing, or volunteering support of different types for specific groups?

As our individual and universal consciousness evolves we are invited to become more and more conscious of the choices we make and their impact not only on us but others as well. Instead of allowing others to do it for us we are invited to take our power back and make choices for ourselves and only for ourselves. We can’t choose for someone else unless they have given their power away. Do you want that responsibility? I don’t. Making my own choices freely and accepting responsibility and accountability for them is enough for me! LOL

I have to admit that a few of the choices I’ve made in the past weren’t the best but there are no “do overs”. I’ve learned from them. The past is just that, the past. The present is now, what’s real, and the choice I make right now opens the possibility for a new opportunity or future. Does this make sense?

Becoming more conscious of the life you want to create and making conscious choices to support your vision can be exciting, scary, and fun! Think about it, “What if your life could be so amazing that you want to just pinch yourself because you believe you’re dreaming?” Why not? Are you ready to let go of old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you and prevent you from moving forward? Are you ready to be more consciously responsible for your choices and life? What are you willing to change within you?

Remember, it begins with you and the opportunity is yours to choose! Sit with it. See how it feels to make this kind of shift if you haven’t already! Go for it and know that you’re not alone! Your High Self, Soul, and God/Goddess/All That Is want the best life you can live. Call on them anytime and work in co-creation more consciously! Know that you are loved beyond all measure.

I will be channeling Luminus at Storm Wisdom on Tuesday, May 28th, from 6:30p-8p. Please join us. You are invited to receive their unconditional love, acceptance, and healing.