Once again I find myself choosing to write about freedom! I know I’ve written on this topic in different ways before and yet it still feels appropriate to write about it again in light of the 4th of July celebrations this week. What an opportunity for each one of us to reflect and ask, “What does freedom or being free mean to me?”

For me it’s kind of hard to forget since the 4th of July is my birthday! LOL Although I will say as a kid I looked forward to the fireworks, birthday cake, and my mom always calling me her little firecracker! Yes, regardless of my age I was always her little firecracker! As I’ve progressed on my journey of awakening I look at the 4th of July differently.

I’m amazed at how many artists sing about freedom in a variety of ways. I’m reminded of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song; The Star Spangled Banner, our National Anthem; Freedom Songs by Beyonce, Jason Mraz, and Pharrell; Blackbird by the Beatles; Born in the USA by Bruce Springston; America the Beautiful; Freedom to Stay by Tina Turner; and Think by Aretha Franklin! These are just a few examples. Painters have also created paintings depicting victory and freedom.

Our country gained independence and freedom through the sacrifice of many. Our founders created the framework for a Democratic government through the Constitution! Freedom is not to be taken for granted. Let go of complacency if you feel it. Freedom is a choice, isn’t it?

For me, freedom to: choose, travel, vote, volunteer, work; believe what I want; live where I want; make choices for my body; speak my truth; treat people with kindness; be of service; express myself and creativity in the ways I want; love who I want; be me – my authentic self; become more and more of my truest self; and so much more! What does it mean to you?

I can’t imagine living somewhere that suppresses my human rights, individuality, beliefs, and creativity. And yet there are some who choose to seek power over others, promote fear and separation even here in the United States. This threatens our individual freedom and the freedom that’s been won for our country. I continue to ask, “What’s mine to do to protect and support my freedom as well as others?” For each one of us the answers will be different.

I feel now more than ever it is essential to know yourself! What do you believe? What are your values? What are the things you’re willing to change and what is non-negotiable? What are you willing to compromise? Again, the answers will be different for each one of us. Our choices will determine our experiences.

How do you get to know yourself more and more? It’s a commitment! It doesn’t have to be hard. In fact it can be fun. Consider it an adventure if you want! Be ok with “letting go of the need or desire to control the outcome”! WooHoo!! I’m still playing with this one myself. Be authentic in your responses! What’s best for you? Are you trying to please someone or satisfy someone else’s expectations of you? Do you feel worthy? You are by the way! Let go of the illusion that you’re not. Are you open to receive – willing to lean into the consciousness of receiving more and more? Ask for help if you need it. You’re fully supported you know? Your eternal spiritual self isn’t separate from your human self. Part of the awakening journey is to remember and embrace that you’re both!

In this energy of freedom and independence as well as new beginnings with the Solstice there is a great opportunity to choose freedom! What will you choose?

Please join me and Gisela on Tuesday, July 9th, at Storm Wisdom from 6:30-8:30p. We will blend with the beautiful and powerful Messengers of Light for an evening of healing through unconditional love!