Everything changes.

I’ve known this for years. And yet, sometimes it still surprises me. We plan for change or expect it when we experience major life events or experience. When we change jobs, get into or out of a relationship, move or experience a birth or death. We know change will occur then.

But sometimes it just happens in our day-to-day existence. When nothing in particular seems to be the motivating factor. We are navigating our comfort zone, only to realize our comfort zone no longer fits.

I am experiencing this awareness on both ends of the spectrum. There are amazing new people, opportunities, experiences and things drawing me toward them… At the same time, there are others that are disappearing or I am no longer connected to.

I am having a hard time relating to somethings, that a short time ago, might have seemed like solid part of my comfort zone. They are slipping away.

As I reflect on this phenomenon today, I have a theory. I have been reminding myself (and the people around me!) to ‘follow the energy’. To stay attuned to what feels right, aligned, joyful or fun.

So my theory is that if we follow the energy, our own energies morph. It is a bit like the particle and the wave. When a particle is observed, it becomes a wave.., just by the act of being observed.

To relate this back to “following the energy”; when we focus on and watch the energy… it shifts our state of being. We move from being a particle to a wave. We are changing based on where we are putting our attention or focus. (I know…, now that I say it I get a big DUH!)

But I think this is important to realize. You see this is one of the challenges of being on a spiritual journey. Sometimes it is confusing, hard, sad or challenging. There is great fulfillment in honoring and developing our spiritual nature. But there is also loss. Loss of what we’ve known. Loss of what was once comfortable and comforting.

This doesn’t mean we never find comfort again. But, for many of us, it is a constant process of movement and change. We are committed to the deepening of our spiritual nature and connecting with our internal strength and guidance. So much so that we are willing to be in a constant state of metamorphosis.

Where the movement from status quo, to chaos, to change, to a new status quo becomes a way of life. It becomes normal for us.

And then like me.., one day you realize that simply by paying attention to and following your own energetic joy and rightness.., you have placed yourself in the inevitable cycle of constant change.

Suddenly I am overwhelmed with gratitude for those things in my life that are resilient enough to ride the waves with me. Those relationships, connections and even environmental things (home, walking paths, store, and even favorite restaurants and watering-holes) that provide some sense of stability within the constant storm of change. Because as much as I keep getting pushed out of my comfort zone.., the truth is I don’t see that coming to an end, anytime soon.

So if you are in the middle of chaos or change.., know I am right there with you! I will see you in the next comfort zone!

With Light, Love, and Laughter