Every year, for the past 26 years, I have had an Astrology session for my birthday. It is a great time to slow down the crazy-making in my mind and get connected with the natural energies and cycles of life.

Having a conversation with someone who works with the tools and has the intuitive insights to help me see these cycles has been a huge part of my personal process, and dare I say growth. When I step back from the circumstances of my life and look at it through this perspective; I am reminded that there is always an ebb and flow to life. There are ups.., there are downs. Some last an hour, some last a day or two, and some are with us for months!

As you probably know from following my blog, the past few months have been a little disorienting for me. Sometimes it feels like a time of contemplation. Other times, it feels like I have lost my motivation or inspiration. Sometimes I am content, then there are the days where I am impatient and antsy.

During this weeks session, Jolinda, who has been my astrologer since the year I turned 30, reminded me of something that somehow I seemed to have forgotten! We are not here to learn how to control the circumstances of our lives.., we are here to learn how to respond to them!

I don’t know about you, but I really needed to hear this right now!

On the one hand, it is so obvious and apparent. There are situations that come up these days that no longer affect me the way they use to. I rarely look for approval from others to decide what is right or next for me. Things that use to trigger an automatic response, barely get my attention. The impact of these situations or circumstances has changed, because I no longer feel the need to control, manipulate or influence them.

So, focusing instead on my response to ‘what is’, has worked. Until it doesn’t!

If you are like me, the circumstances of your life are not changing that much. Same relationships, home, career, health, etc. They are not changing, but.., how you relate to them is!

I am quite content. There is nothing I want to change. Yet I feel the desire for change. Perhaps it is actually the desire for more. But what does that look like? What does that mean? Without clear knowing, I look to the circumstances and want something to be different. I expect something outside of me to to fulfill a yearning that is inside of me. Even if I don’t know what that is. I want to control SOMETHING!

We live in a 3-D world. There are so many people, places and things that make up our physical existence. We spend a lot of time rearranging, sorting, replacing or polishing these external things to create what we perceive would be “better”. In reality, it might just be easier to let them be. Instead of trying to control or change them.., how about if we change how we relate and respond to them?

Thanks for the reminder Jolinda!!