IMG_4298 We are responsible for our own evolution. We decide how far and how fast we progress in our journey toward fulfillment; whatever that means to each of us. For some it might mean actualizing and manifesting something we desire. For others it might be about physical health. Still for others it will be creating loving, supportive relationships. Beneath whatever personal fulfillment means to us, there is a deeper desire to know and connect with our true SELF.

What is it that lights me up? What is my purpose? How do I live the a meaningful life?

The answers are unique to each person that asks these questions. Yet many of us are trying to answer them by observing, mimicking and repeating what others are doing or what they are telling us we ‘should’ do! “They” can be anyone from a family member, to a boss, church, magazine or corporation (or MANY others). We are bombarded with messages daily about how we are suppose to groom, dress, weigh, drive, believe, avoid, feel, etc…

And even though this makes navigating and connecting with our personal truth more challenging; in reality it is an amazing opportunity to develop your own intuition and unfamiliar senses. A way for each of us to grow and evolve.

Consider using this combination of crystals (Almandine Garnet, Honey Calcite & Amazonite) to support expanding your intuitive and unfamiliar senses for the purpose of evolving and personal expansion. Here’s why I like this combination!

Almandine Garnet: First of all we need to be grounded and connected to our physical body whenever we want to shift of change anything. It is a 3-D world we live in, so our body is our greatest tool! The Almandine Garnet will help you get grounded and is a stone of physical truth and clarity! It assist you with tapping into a deeper knowing of your SELF Another aspect this crystal will help with is seeing how sometimes we create disposable ‘things’ in our lives. This is valuable in two ways, first of all to help us appreciate out ability to manifest… and second: to help us become more focused on what we actually want to create (versus creating things that are actually not very satisfying!).

Honey Calcite: When you add Honey Calcite to the mix you may find yourself slowing down and naturally becoming more contemplative. You are engaged in the moment and this contemplative review process may be quite moving as you will likely experience it emotionally. Honey Calcite reminds you that when you tap into what truly resonates, what matters to you; your ability to learn and discern is naturally increased. When you find yourself in the midst of turmoil and change it is easy to make up that the turmoil is not of our making. Yet the truth is everything we experience is of our own making! Our emotions and thoughts inform our reality and shape our perspective of the events in our lives. This means that by connecting and contemplating the emotional stories and beliefs we hold, our ability to discern and then choose what is right for us is increased!

Amazonite: And finally the reason to add Amazonite to the mix is to help us express our personal truth. So many of us suppress our personal truth, usually for the sake of others. We put their comfort in front of our own. As long as we have a sense of something that needs to be expressed and yet we keep it inside, we are creating dis-ease within our own body. Once you speak the truth it no longer needs to remain hidden and can be released. By working with Ammonite during this time you may find that you don’t get as emotionally hooked or charged by these sometimes difficult situations/conversations. This is because it slows us down enough to find the best words to speak our truth. This can be very important, especially when what needs to be said has been held inside for a long time!

By the way. When I say work with this combination of crystals there are a few simple ways to do this! If you have small pieces or jewelry with this combination simply put them on or carry them on your body for the day. Or for however long feels best to you.

If you have a meditation or prayer practice, simply hold the stones in your hands during this practice. Because we have opened our energetic field when we are in this state, including the crystals will allow a quick infusion of these properties especially through the meridians in your palms. (left is best as it is receptive, but either will work!)

If you don’t own the crystals yet… simply focus on the image included with this post. Hold a piece of Quartz and intend for it to represent the natural properties of all three stones and imagine these properties being amplified by the Quartz!

Whichever way you choose to work with these crystals… be clear and set an intention for them to support you with your personal evolution and fulfillment. Your intentions are ALWAYS the most powerful tool you have at your disposal!

Have fun!