You are a Master Gardener!! Have you ever thought of yourself that way? What is the garden you are cultivating? Is it the one in your outdoor environment or is it your inner garden? I’m sure that many of you have beautiful outdoor gardens. However, the one I’m speaking about today is the garden within each one of us.

You might be scratching your head and asking, “What in the heck does she mean?” Recently I was walking with my husband in the beautiful gardens of the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. He said to me, “This is something to write about – even in chaos there is beauty.” As I’ve thought about his comment I realize that he’s right. I know that my soul is happy when I immerse myself in beauty. By that I mean I begin to take notice of the beauty that surrounds me everyday. The beauty that I take for granted. When I immerse myself in beauty I feel my soul sigh with happiness and I feel an inner peace.

During my quiet time this morning I began to imagine what my inner garden looks like and what it means to be a Master Gardener. Ok, some of you might be saying, “But I don’t have a green thumb!” (LOL) It’s ok! Imagine your thumb can’t be anything but green so to speak! Why? Because this is all about you and your inner world. You’re in charge! I suppose depending on how you nourish your inner garden will determine how green your thumb really is.

So, what does it mean to cultivate an inner garden? For me, it means to consciously choose the seeds I plant and then to choose how I nourish and care for them. In other words, where do I put my energy? Are my intentions, thoughts, and beliefs ones that are positive or do I continue to feed and fuel negativity believing that I can’t and don’t make a difference? Do I choose to be a victim, martyr, or take responsibility for my choices?

So many things affect my inner garden. I imagine and visualize what my inner garden looks like. Is it withered and dying or is it full of lush blooms, delicate fragrances, and peace? I believe that we create our own reality and I believe it begins within me. When my inner garden is flourishing, beautiful and peaceful then it is reflected in my outer world.

Does this mean that what is happening in my external world doesn’t affect the beauty of my inner garden? Absolutely not! In fact, if I let the chaos that abounds all around me right now drag me into it then I know my inner garden will wither and die. I don’t want this to happen. It’s too beautiful. How do I keep it beautiful? To be honest, some days are easier than others in our current world. However, I can be pretty stubborn, focused and determined!! I know I have been gifted with free will and I choose to exercise my free will consciously! So can you.

When I find myself wondering if I can even make a difference I take a time out so to speak. I find a place of beauty. Sometimes it’s in my yard, taking a walk; or sitting in my personal space filled with crystals, books, and art. I surround myself with beauty. Then I close my eyes, take some deep breaths, and focus on my heart space. I ask for my inner garden to be filled with unconditional love. I feel the love infused in every aspect of my beautiful garden and then feel it permeate every cell and fiber of my being. It’s amazing. Once I’m in the beauty of my inner garden my energy shifts and I can keep the outer world in perspective. My garden is a beautiful place to BE! It’s mine to go to any time and I’m grateful.

I am a Master Gardener! How about you? What does your inner garden look like? How are you cultivating it?

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