CyclesofLifeThings are popping all over the place! Well actually, my thoughts are popping all over the place!

My only question is “why do they have to be the most prolific when I am trying to fall asleep?

This burst of energy, new ideas, insights into the future and possibilities are exactly what I have been hoping or longing for. Yet now that they’re here, I would love to have an on/off switch! I love having all this new inspiration. I cherish the activated imagination. I just really like a good night sleep too!!

Such are the cycles of life. I constantly need to remind myself that this is actually how all of life works. Each day has its own cycle. Every year has it seasons. Each of our lives moves in and through unique cycles. We just don’t always pay attention to them in this way. So when we have the opportunity to slow down and consider this; it may help us shift our perspective.

Everyday when we wake up, we move into our day, hopefully renewed. We build momentum and find the sweet spot in our day when we naturally create in alignment with our thoughts and emotions. Whether we are aware of it or not there is an ebb and flow in our energy, until that point when our bodies begin to signal it is time to slow down. Eventually falling to sleep; rest and renewal – until the cycle begins all over again!

Each year we move through seasons. First we imagine what we will create. We determine our area(s) of intention. Then we begin to plant the seeds of our dreams or desires. Taking the time to nurture them; feed and water them; even adjust and modify based on the conditions and circumstances of life. Then comes the harvest. The realization of those dreams we have been tending and caring for. We reap the rewards of our efforts and enjoy what we’ve created.

Sometimes it appears exactly as we imagined. While other times, it appears completely different, yet somehow just right. Occasionally it feels like something stunted our growth.

Regardless, we then enter a phase of renewal. A time for amending the soil and creating new fertile ground. We slip into the quiet. Like the soil of the earth, we need our recovery time. We need the rest in order to begin again. Either with a continuation of what we have already started or something completely new! We begin the cycle all over again.

We live in a time where so much value is given to the harvest. It has become distorted in a way that makes it seem that harvesting or reaping rewards is the only phase that is important. The truth is that the entire life-cycle is important. And, if we don’t honor these cycles and phases, we lose our balance.

When we are out of balance, everything feels harder. It requires more work to simply remain upright, let alone move forward! When we are out of balance it is easy to imagine we need ‘more’. When in reality perhaps we need less! We think more work or activities will bring happiness or rewards; when in fact what we really need is quiet time or rest. We push ourselves to begin the next project, when we haven’t given ourselves any recovery time.

That is why it is so important to think about the cycles in our lives and to be mindful to honor all the phases. I know for me, the recover, renewal and regeneration phase has felt challenging. Mostly because I always feel like I need to be producing something! Yet, now that I am moving into the initiating stage again.., I am grateful for the quiet time. Because if the way things are popping up now is any indication of what is being seeded in my future… There will be plenty of activities, opportunities and even challenges before the next period of rest!

I guess what they say is true, “hind-sight is always perfect vision”. Once you move into the next phase or cycle of life, looking back allows you to realize how perfectly aligned and necessary the previous phase of the cycle was!

How about you? Which part of your current cycle are you in?

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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