How many of you feel whole and complete? For many, there is an ongoing search to feel complete from things found in the external environment. For others, feeling whole comes from within. I’ve been sitting with this and reflecting on my own journey. How I feel about being complete and whole has shifted through the years. I definitively feel it through every fiber of my being. How about you?

I wondered why feeling complete and whole took so long for me. As I look back on my life I have learned that I chose to wake up later in life and chose to create a foundation from traditional experiences before I began to explore less traditional ones over 20 years ago. That’s when my journey of spiritually awakening began. Believe me it has been warp speed since then! LOL

I’ve felt, for many years, that our journey home is going home to Source and LOVE! This doesn’t mean you have to physically leave the planet in order to be on this journey. Each one of us gets there in our own time and unique way through the choices we make as well as our commitment to personal growth. Plato, a 4th Century B.C.E. Greek philosopher, has said, “Love is the name for our pursuit to be complete.” Hmmm. There is something here don’t you think? If God/Goddess/All That Is – Source, is love then perhaps we don’t feel complete or whole until we remember this truth. What do you think?

I like to think of us as sparks of Source. We are not separate from Source. I know I’ve said this before. We are here as human beings with our eternal essence that is love, a spark of Source. We are both human and divine. So, what prevents us from embracing the truth that we are whole and complete? Is it fear? Perhaps it isn’t conscious. Maybe it isn’t time for awakening to this truth. Gary Zukav, a 21st Century American Spiritual Teacher said it this way, “Trust allows you to follow your feelings through your defenses to their sources, and to bring to the light of consciousness those aspects of yourself that resist wholeness, that live in fear.” What defenses? LOL

It’s quite a journey of remembering and letting go of the illusion that we aren’t whole and complete, isn’t it? For many it can feel like shedding many layers of beliefs, habits, and perceptions. Some of them are learned and others are embedded as memories and aren’t always conscious. However, when they are ready to release they show up in so many different ways and you don’t always know why! In this time, it isn’t important to know all of the details. What’s important is to ask for help to release them if they no longer feel right. Just like an old pair of shoes!

Years ago during a meditative retreat I realized that I was here to help people remember and in that moment I didn’t know how! It resonated as truth though. So here I am today sharing different perspectives. Some will resonate and others won’t. Like the old pair of shoes please let go of the ones that don’t fit!

Being of service and helping people remember has evolved for me through the years. As many of you know I channel a beautiful, powerful, and loving group of consciousness I call Luminus. I asked if there was anything else to share with you and here’s what was shared, “Dear ones, to believe that you are not whole and complete is one of the greatest illusions that is held. In truth, the journey of remembering who you are and why you chose to be here is one of the true joys and freedoms that you have. Self-discovery is like a mystery. Clues are found along the way. How you follow and experience them is up to you! There is no predetermined path or outcome. Source and all of consciousness grows through your experiences, choices, and sharing of emotions. Helping others, showing kindness, loving and being loved is key. We are honored to share this with you now. Please know how much you are loved.”

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