Dream. Imagine. Vision. Have you done it lately? Is there a right or wrong way to do it? Not really. When was the last time you let your imagination run wild? Yes, wild! Do you include fun, spontaneity, and/or limitless possibilities?

Many of you may have celebrated the Summer Solstice this week on June 21st! It’s considered to be the longest day of the year and often the first day of summer. It’s a time of transition from one season to another and some of you may have created intentional rituals to acknowledge the new time. It can symbolize, for many, a letting go time and doors opening for new possibilities. It’s a great time to dream, imagine, and vision!

Why not? It can be fun and easy if you take time to let your imagination out to play! Have you been holding it in check lately because you don’t see a way to have it be real? You don’t have to know how things will happen. The first step is to allow the dream and vision to emerge. Does this make sense? Get it out! You can speak it, draw it, write about it, or create a vision board to visually represent it with words and pictures for example. There are many ways to express it creatively. Maybe you want to sing it!!

For it to work be conscious and intentional. Having hope, faith, and belief that it’s possible is key. Really “feel” it! Yes, notice how your body feels and responds when you imagine it becoming a reality. How will you celebrate? How will you “feel” when you do? Immerse yourself in the “feelings”. Too often we forget that feelings and emotions are what’s real. Can you remember a time in your life when this has worked for you? Maybe it didn’t happen the way you thought it would – but it happened! Maybe it was even better than you imagined!

I am hopeful that we can shift and change our realities the more conscious we become. To experience and evolve into higher frequencies of consciousness means that old habits and beliefs must be let go! In other words, untruths and beliefs that we’ve held for so many years must be let go. Truths that we hold deep within us must be allowed to emerge, evolve and integrate consciously. They are there deep within each one of us. Part of our journey is to remember! Perhaps as you dream, imagine, and vision, some of these truths will emerge. Invitations to let go of the old untruths will be presented and choices can be made. You can have fun doing this! Are you ready to try?

Please come and play with me and Gisela this Saturday, June 29th, from 10a-2p at Storm Wisdom. We’ll have fun engaging with High Self and Soul; stimulate your imagination and creativity; and let go of old stuff that might create resistance to being the best version of you!!