“It is how we embrace the uncertainty in our lives that leads us to the great transformations of our souls.” Brandon A. Trean, Health educator and writer

Recently I participated in a weekend retreat with Annie Bossingham and fellow Soul travelers. We explored our divine nature, heart-based living, making conscious choices; and embracing uncertainty as we continue evolving on our spiritual journeys among other things. Whew, it was amazing and timely. As the weekend came to a close I felt full. My soul felt happy and nourished. What a blessing! 

As I’ve reflected on the weekend and some awarenesses have come to light. For example, I’ve considered how embracing uncertainty has played a role in my life. I must say it hasn’t always felt comfortable! I look back on the times I’ve chosen career moves, where to live, parenting choices, consciously choosing to spiritually awaken, and so much more. At times it’s felt like stepping into the unknown and taking a leap of faith. For someone who likes to ‘be in charge’ and wants to know the outcome it has presented many ‘growth opportunities’! LOL

I’ve found that embracing uncertainty rather than resisting it due to fear makes a huge difference. Some of my best personal growth moments are a result. Gurudev Sri Ravi Shankar, Humanitarian and spiritual leader reminds us that, “Life has uncertainty and it’s the uncertainty which opens new dimensions in life.” I realize that if I hadn’t embraced uncertainty and took a leap of faith the many blessings I’ve experienced in my life wouldn’t have happened. I wouldn’t have taken the career risks, re-married, become a parent, moved to another state, become a writer and channel, or made a conscious choice to awaken to this wild and crazy spiritual journey. WooHoo!!

How about you? How have you embraced uncertainty? Has it been comfortable or easy? In retrospect, it takes courage, perseverance, and humility, and humor! For me, doors of vulnerability, love, compassion, kindness, caring, acceptance, and understanding have opened. I feel like I’m becoming more comfortable with BEing instead of DOing all of the time. It feels wonderful and uncertain at the same time! Does this make sense? 

Call on your inner soul warrior as you reflect on embracing uncertainty – opening more to your true and divine nature, LOVE. Dan Millman, American author and lecturer reminds us that, “Faith means living with uncertainty – feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark.” ‘Feel’ more than ‘think’ as you consider what changes you are willing to make so that your choices become more heart-based and uncertainty becomes less scary. Please know how much you are loved and enjoy your journey fellow soul warrior!

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