There are certain areas of our life that many of us spend a great deal of time and energy focusing on! Some of these we ace, and some allude us. From what I have experienced and witnessed, it seems that each of us has strengths and weaknesses in all of these areas. BUT, there is usually one that is our greatest challenge. The one that we seem to visit over and over, hoping to eventually shift or change this area of focus to a strength, that once and for all, we will prevail! Or, if not a strength… At least not a constant pain in the butt!

This is where I am at this week. Once again, visiting an old nemesis.., with grand ideas on how to conquer, eliminate, minimize or banish this on-going adversary. To finally claim VICTORY! Only… I am finding it hard to muster the enthusiasm for another battle, when it seems I have been down this road so many times before! I have been down this road so often it bores me to tears! I’m so bored with the stories of this journey, that I can’t even muster enough emotion to be enraged about it!

One of my dear friends pointed out that I always approach my area of challenge with my mind. I apply logic, reason, analysis, and plan exactly how I am going to deal with my latest attempt to master this evasive goal. She also pointed out, that this is why I am able to do so well at shifting my experience with this area of focus… at least for a little while. It is not my will, or desire or intention that is my weakness… It is that I continue to avoid looking at the emotional components of this particular challenge.

What are the messages I keep telling myself? What are my beliefs about my ability to shift or change this? And something new I had not thought of… How am I using this situation to protect myself, by maintaining the status-quo… even when it doesn’t feel good? She helped me to see how I use this on-going challenge to bully and intimidate myself! Yuck! That is like finding out you beating yourself into victim-hood!

Oh the complexity of our day-to-day walk.

Yet… This is the work we came here to do! We came here to be powerful, successful, creative, resourceful and whole. And finding our wholeness is only possible when we look at all aspects of ourselves. Especially our emotional selves! Emotions are our fuel. And I for one want to be running on clean-burning fuel… Not constantly dealing with clearing sludge out of the fuel lines! It is time to focus on cleaning the emotional fuel lines – perhaps with some emotional additives! Time to envision performing at my optimum!


How do you clear your emotional fuel lines?