Connecting with Interstellar Beings - Conscious 5D Contact! - Event with Viviane Chauvet


  • You are the masters walking on the Earth as human beings. More people are receiving a deeper calling to awaken their star origins even at a DNA level. Many Star Seeds, Contactees, Ambassadors & Hybrids from all over the planet have been establishing more conscious contact with various interstellar civilizations. 

We have prepared a PowerPoint presentation that will take you on an inner journey to the stars. Travel in a morphogenetic field of higher consciousness. Learn how to make peaceful contact with enlightened interstellar & inter-dimensional civilizations. This methodology creates a holistic approach to build a protocol of light consciousness. 

Our presentation includes:

  • PowerPoint Presentations of various Star Beings
  • Conscious Travel in a Morphogenetic Field of Higher Consciousness
  • Protocol of Light
  • Galactic Planetary Heritage Reading (Group)
  • And more!

Join us for our empowering event! 

Event Fee $30.00

Instructor: Viviane Chauvet - Arcturian Holographic Diamond Light Healer, Interstellar Blended Channel, ThetaHealing® Practitioner

To contact us, please visit:

Viviane Chauvet

Arcturian Holographic Healing Code - Master Healer
Interstellar Blended Channel & Intuitive Consultant

Certified Tuning Forks® Therapy Practitioner

ThetaHealing® Practitioner

HeartMath® Coach/Mentor

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Date: December 7, 2019


3375 East Shea BLVD Suite A-1
Phoenix, Az
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