Creating Healing & Freedom with Intuitive Guidence with Polly Wirum


Polly and Toinette are honored to have you join them in a three hour workshop that is specifically designed for your transformational healing.


  • You will be guided on releasing old patterns and thus create space for exciting new ones.

All of this will be achieved with the guidance of an intuitive ( Polly ) , meditation, coupled with powerful activities Toinette will assist you with. You will soon understand why we are calling this transformational healing. If you desire more happiness and freedom, while creating a brighter legacy for your family, this workshop is for you.

  • Everyone will receive a one on one reading with Polly and Energy healing. There will be goodies to nibble on, prizes to win and abundance and love in the air. Books authored by Polly and Toinette will be available for purchase.

We hope to see you soon!

Investment $99.00


Date: November 2, 2019


3375 East Shea BLVD Suite A-1
Phoenix, Az
Map and Directions