"Retraining the Ego" with Master Tsen Tsing, of the Council as channeled by Dawn Katar


"Ego is a mystery often described as your life-long enemy. The ego (identification of your uniqueness) has been called many things from Plato to Freud, and it is often described as that part of self that interferes with your true spiritual nature by some religious and spiritual teachers. It is likened to a demon at times. Humans are often taught to fear it and to find ways to eliminate it. We wish to give you deeper understanding of the nature and divine purpose of ego so that you are more balanced in your spiritual practices and your human interactions.

Truly, we have a simpler way to perceive your great Self as expressed in human embodiment. We have some ways to bring you Peace with your Ego."

Master Tsen Tsing, of the Council

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"Dawn Katar is a gifted channel for the Ascended Masters and a teacher of the Divine Principles under their Guidance. Her conscious connection with Spirit date to her earliest memories as a child.  She calls herself an Open Channel of Divine Light because she is committed to receiving Light and wisdom from the Highest Realms in service to all who come with open hearts and minds.  As such, she has received and shared communication from many Ascended Masters, Archangels, Extraterrestrial Beings of Light as well as Mother Earth, Gaia. 

Dawn has been offering instruction, discourse and messages from the Ascended Masters publicly since 1971. Thousands of presentations have never varied from the basic Truth that we are all Divine Beings with complete access to inner wisdom and remembrance of our Oneness with All That Is. 
Visit Dawn's website, and look for video presentations of the Masters on YouTube.  You may also subscribe to Dawn's free daily email message called, "Point of Peace Messages from the Ascended Realms" for beautiful wisdom and reminders of our wholeness."  

Date: December 3, 2019


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