Arcturian Energy Matrix - Healing Group Event! With Viviane Chauvet


Please be aware that the facilitator will not be wearing a mask how ever all participants will be required too.

The Arcturians are known as master healers and advanced intergalactic beings. Our ancient energy matrix transfers holographic quantum light in your body template. It assists in restoring soul fractals, healing emotional challenges stored as core issues, removing stagnant energies, and enhancing the body’s own vitality and rejuvenation abilities.

It is an opportunity to work with Viviane’s team in a group setting. Everyone will receive holographic quantum healing, Arcturian Light codes transmission, and will have an opportunity to answer questions. What you can expect to receive during our healing group event:

  • Fifth-Octave of Arcturus Light Transmission
  • Awakening the Tree of Life
  • Aura Clearing - 12 Spectrum of Color Frequencies
  • Healing Your Core Soul
  • And more!

The potential and benefits are infinite! Join us for our intergalactic healing event! Clear your mind, gain more clarity, and align your body, mind, and spirit to your true Self! Enter the Gateway of You.

Instructor: Viviane Chauvet

Viviane is an Arcturian biological hybrid, Arcturus High Priestess, trans voice channel, and universal healer. She works with people from all over the world. Viviane’s DNA is encoded with her star origins and innate gifts of healing. We are here to assist an entire planetary system to re-ascend to its octave of divine perfection.

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Date: November 21, 2020


3375 East Shea BLVD Suite A-1
Phoenix, Az
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