ExactlyWhatWeDoI decided to work with a group that helps small businesses with marketing. They focus on social media and mobile devices. I am just getting started with them so I have no idea how it will work or if it is money well spent. Sometimes you just have to trust. And the truth is, even if it works.., a lot of people who already use our site or even read this newsletter will never see it! Kind of weird to imagine.., but I guess that is the point of marketing; to reach those who don’t know who you are (yet!).

So once I signed up with them, they set up an interview to get to know me and my business better. They wanted to key into what I felt was important and where I wanted their focus to be. I knew this and thought I was prepared. However, the first question they asked was.., “What is it about your business that would make someone want to do business with you and not the other guy?” Or “What distinguishes you”.

You know what… That is a really hard question to answer!

The truth is we have never really believed in or thought of ourselves as being in competition with anyone else. We have never thought of ourselves as the “one and only” place that someone would frequent or do business with. There are LOTS of great businesses that offer similar products or services to this community. We are good friends with many of them. We send people to them and they send people to us. We are not in competition with each other.

That said… We are also unique. As much as there is overlap in what we offer with many others… No one does it in the same way we do. Probably not even for the same reason.

Android has this great new commercial that first aired during the Grammies. It is a piano player who plays a traditional piano, then another one that is all tuned to one note (middle C). The whole message of the commercial is to be unique… Together, but different. That is how I feel about us! We are one glorious note on the keyboard of life.

(Here is the link to the commercial if you haven’t seen it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xLhJIFC8xkY )

That is not only how we see ourselves.., it is how we see our community. We are all unique and different, yet we are on this journey together. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another. So we try to meet people where they are at. Each interaction stands on its own. The advice, counsel, recommendation, referral or products are based on what is happening in the moment.

This is how and why we might refer someone to another business. Maybe we aren’t the best fit or solution for that situation. Perhaps another business excels in what they are in need of.  Maybe they are looking for something that we don’t carry or it is out of stock. What matters isn’t the “transaction”.., it is our relationship. Integrity, character and trust. That is what we shoot for. That is our goal and desire.

I guess they call that customer service!

I just know when this new marketing comapny asked me those questions I felt unprepared to answer. As if being really good at providing high quality products and services to our gang of unique clients, friends and family were not enough. Maybe it wasn’t that I was unprepared… Instead, I was feeling like it wasn’t enough to distinguish us from some unknown “others” or to someone who is completely new to us and has never heard of Storm Wisdom.

But as I sit with my clumsy response in hind-sight… I know for sure that treating everyone as unique and offering them kick-ass products and services is exactly what we do!  I’m proud of what we do, who we are and what we offer.

If you feel like we rock at customer service… Here are a couple of places where you could write us a quick review, we always make sure to to take care of our customers, by using the best tools while getting assistance from a salesforce admin! Just so all the new people we will be connecting with through this marketing program will know what they can expect!

(Google Places: http://tinyurl.com/jbr8at5 ) or ( http://www.yelp.com/biz/storm-wisdom-phoenix)

And many thanks if you do!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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