“The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action.”
 ~Mother Teresa, Consecrated Roman Catholic religious nun

What are spiritual muscles? They might be different for each one of you; however, for me, the foundation of mine comes from faith – what do I believe? Then, hope, wisdom, love, and compassion follow. Why write about exercising your spiritual muscles in this way now? I feel it’s time to live more intentionally and consciously. This isn’t new or surprising coming from me, right? As we exercise to keep our physical bodies healthy it’s also necessary to exercise our spiritual muscles. If they aren’t used then they lose their tone and effectiveness much like our physical muscles. 

So, I wondered during my quiet and reflective time, “How can I exercise my  spiritual muscles? What does this mean?” I realized that I’ve been exercising them but haven’t always been conscious of it. I also recognize that this is something I can control and change! WooHoo!! Like with physical exercise I’ve found that practice makes a difference. Think of it as creating muscle memory! Faith in yourself, hope, love, compassion, and wisdom will grow as you practice

After so many months of continued chaos and uncertainty in our world with no end in sight I continue to ask, “How can I make a difference?” The answer always is, “BEcome more of your truest nature which is love! This is what you can control. This is what will make a difference to those around you! For when you are BEcoming more of your truest nature, love, this affects the resonance of all life!” 

As I began my conscious spiritual journey of awakening over 30 years ago I became aware that love, gratitude, and service were so important and that our journey of awakening is like a spiral that is ever evolving with no beginning or ending. As I embrace the love that I am then wanting to help others becomes more of a natural state of being. Seeking to understand others and their situation before taking action fosters compassion. 

Where does faith come in? In order to help someone else then you must feel like you can, right? In that moment you have faith that you have the skills and tools to help. This is your foundation. Love is the essence of who you are! It is the spark of Source that’s eternal and within you. Some call this your soul or life force. Alphonse de Lamartine, Poet, writer, and politician tells us that, “To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.” In other words, love is the core and essence of who you are! It is one of your spiritual muscles so to speak. Part of the journey of awakening is to remember this! 

During this time where you might experience feeling disoriented, distracted, uncertain, hopeless or helpless please remember that the best way to feel more “in control” is to exercise your spiritual muscles. Remember that you are a powerful and beautiful person who is able to create your reality. Reclaim and retain your power. Don’t give it away to others. I agree with Emily Dickinson, Poet, when she said, “I dwell in possibility.” All is possible and love is the greatest transformer of all. Your beliefs and imagination are  your only limitations.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 we will offer a channeling and healing experience with Luminus and the Messengers of Light from 2p-3:30p AZ time. This session will be offered via Zoom and recorded. If you are interested in participating or receiving the recording please register at victoriabarna.com