I hope your Holidays have been wonderful! I’m sure there are moments of joy, happiness, sadness, family gatherings and so much more. For some of you I’m sure that a full range of emotion has been experienced. Now we are on the Eve of moving from 2018 to 2019. Another New Year! Wow, I feel that the time goes by faster and faster each year. Do you find that to be true for you? 

In numerology, generally speaking, 2018 has been a universal year of 2 which represents the energies of compassion, nurturing, balance, adaptability, and harmony. 2019 brings the universal energies of 3 which represents communication, optimism, creative expression, imagination, and surprise! You maybe feeling these shifts from one energy to another already. I know I have!

For those of you who are familiar with Jach Pursel who has been channeling a non physical spark of consciousness called Lazaris since October, 1974, we are moving from a year of Acceptance into a year of Grace. I know that several clients I’ve met recently are exploring ways to BE more accepting and loving of self and others.

Let me share something that happened to me and my family on Christmas Day! We had a beautiful family celebration on Christmas Eve. There was lots of food and fun. This is a family tradition and the host family rotates each year. On Christmas Day whoever is available joins at another family member’s home for a low key and delicious meal.

As we waited for family members to join us we got a surprising phone call. Our niece who was joining us while traveling with her family was having a  severe headache, dizziness, slurred speech, and numbness in her right side. They were headed to the ER. The skeleton staff in the ER couldn’t find what was causing her symptoms. They didn’t think it was a stroke but maybe the symptoms were associated with severe migraines. Well, we packed up the Christmas meal and took the meal to family members waiting in the ER waiting room. This was totally unexpected of course! To make a long story short our niece was transported to a trauma center by ambulance here in Phoenix at 4:30a the day after Christmas!

We are grateful that she was here when it happened since there is so much family support and her partner, her sister & fiancé were here for the holidays. They all live out of state. They’re still here too!

I don’t think I mentioned that our niece is in her mid 30’s! The good news is she is young and her courage is inspiring. Her brain functions seem ok. Her speech is improving day by day. She’s able to swallow and eat on her own. She has to focus her vision so she can see who she’s talking to. She thinks she’s feeling some sensations in her right arm and leg but can’t move them on her own yet. She’s been diagnosed with a Brain Stem Stroke! 

She will remain  in ICU for awhile longer and then acute rehab begins. It will take some time we’re told but the family is optimistic that great improvements will continue! Her spirit and outlook are positive. She’s learning patience and how to control her anxiety. We’re all taking it one day at a time without knowing when she will be released.

So, SURPRISE!! How we respond to these experiences create our own  experience, don’t they? Fortunately our niece is remaining positive instead of going into a spiral of despair and depression. Of course this doesn’t mean she won’t have “down” days. She has a beautiful support team and it’s  encouraging that she is OPTIMISTIC! These are both 2019 energies!

So what’s my take away from this? For me, cherish each and every moment I have with people I love even if they don’t live close. Our kids also live out of state. Be more accepting of myself and everyone. We’re all from the same Source which is unconditional love and I believe that is what our core essence/true self is. It’s ours to remember! We really don’t know what each day brings or what experiences we will have. I debated sharing this with you because it’s so personal but felt it was a great example of these transitioning energies. Now we are looking at the Grace that our niece is alive and improving each day!

Expect the unexpected! Find the Grace in each experience. 

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