So many images and words continue to be shown of physically imprisoned migrant children, men and women. My heart hurts! My soul cries out at such inhumane  treatment. Why are people used in such inhumane ways to further political gain? Why is this considered acceptable by some? This shouldn’t be a political decision. It’s a humanitarian one. Do we remain silent or let our voices be heard? I continue to ask myself, “What’s mine to do and how can I contribute to the change that needs to take place?” Does the color of someone’s skin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs justify persecution and inhumane treatment? No way! Obviously there are others that do. For me this isn’t about politics. It’s about treating others humanely!

With my heart and soul feeling the suffering of so many this week I feel like I must share a few thoughts although I don’t have all of the answers. My intention is to shine some light on what we as individuals are being invited to explore beyond the obvious. I know that many of you are doing things to improve inhumane conditions that others are experiencing. Some of you volunteer, use your professional skills, vote, and make financial donations to name a few. There are things that we, as individuals, can do to affect change through our inner world as well.

So much is coming into the light right now for change and transformation. Systems are broken and often things must de-construct before the new solutions can be created and put in place. Rather than feel paralyzed by what we are seeing and hearing I’m looking at this as another invitation to look within myself and see what is imprisoned within me! What beliefs am I still holding that prevent me from growing and living a more abundant life? What biases and prejudices am I willing to let go of in order to feel the unity and interconnectedness of all of us? How can I express my Divine nature as a human being more freely? Yes, we are both Divine and human. Not separate! How can I become more of my authentic self – loving, compassionate, kind, and accepting? What am I willing to change in me?

I still love to quote Thich Nhat Hahn, “Peace begins within!” Others express this as well. Think about it. If peace is felt within each one of us then how can we allow and promote inhumane behaviors and actions? Change begins within each one of us. It’s a conscious choice! We can make this world and our environment a better place but first we must make our inner world one! Remember, you are the artist, the master gardener, and co-creator. What within you must change in order to ease your personal suffering and the suffering of others? When you change your environment and others around you will too! How cool is that? It begins with each of us – one person at a time. 

Are you ready to explore more of your inner world right now to affect change in the outer world? Please keep advocating for those who are sick and suffering in the ways that are meaningful to you! Be of service in ways that make you happy! I will too! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Please note that I am out of town until the end of the month so I will not be channeling Luminus on July 23rd. Gisela and I will be back with the powerful Messengers of Light on Tuesday, August 13th. So please join us at Storm Wisdom then. Seating is limited so reserve your space now!