Everyday seems to bring a new distraction. Government antics. International upsets. Personal tragedies. Community violence. Where does one turn to feel secure and safe? Truly, security and safety must be felt within each one of us first. 

Hmmm. I ask, “How can I feel secure and safe within so much chaos?” The guidance I still receive is that security, safety, faith and hope must begin within me! If I hold that space and resonance it can change me and affect others. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Some days I feel like I’m living in an alternate reality and observing some really bizarre behaviors! Does this process still apply? Yes!

So what’s the difference between faith and hope? Is it important to have both? To me, faith means believing in something without having any proof. Hope means that I have a desire and believe and expect something will happen. I suppose we can debate the nuances of both but let’s not! I believe that both can co-exist.

For example, I believe that positive change will result from todays’ chaos. I’m hopeful! I trust it will be so. I have faith that things will change and be more positive in our world but don’t know how it will occur. Does this make sense? Faith and hope co-existing. Is it necessary for both to present at the same time? Maybe not. I’ll leave it up to you.

What part do I play in all of this? Do I just wish, hope, and have faith that it will happen? No, this is only part of it. Taking personal time to be quiet and reflect on things like government antics, International upsets, personal tragedies, and community violence are key to understanding more of my role. What do I mean? When I sit with these things during quiet or meditative time I ask, “What do I notice and how do I feel about each of them?” Afterward I might feel more neutral or very emotionally charged about one or more of them.

Next, if I feel emotionally charged I ask, “What is being triggered in me as I reflect on this?” Once it becomes clearer then I ask, “What am I willing to change?” Then I have an opportunity to make a conscious choice to change something or not! I can ask for help as well. Remember, intentional and conscious living are the energies we’re invited to embrace now! No more living on auto-pilot so to speak! It’s all about choice, right?

The process I’ve described is one that works for me. You may use a different one. I find it helps me, though, when I feel overwhelmed. I don’t want to lose hope. There is too much hopelessness around. We are anchors of light if we choose. The choices we make to embrace more and more of our light radiates outward and reaches places we can’t imagine! As we shift and change so does our resonance. Although we may not see the change it definitely can be felt.

I hope you don’t give up. I have faith that each time we individually change what we believe and remember that we have been created from LOVE we become more and more of our truest and best self! Significant and positive change can happen if only a small percentage of us believe, hope, and have faith that it will.

Please join Gisela and guest practitioner, Shirley Belluche, from Northern California for an evening of powerful healing with the Messengers of Light through unconditional love on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, from 6:30 – 8:30p, at Storm Wisdom. I will be out of town but with you in spirit!