How has your week been? How have you been impacted? There’s been a lot going on, right? Government shutdowns continue. Federal employees and women are marching. People are forced to work or have been furloughed and they aren’t getting paid. What else? Oh yeah, lots of finger pointing too! Wow!

My heart goes out to the people who aren’t able to work and maintain their livelihoods. The hardships that many of them are enduring seem so unnecessary. I’m encouraged by many of the businesses who are open to provide some flexibility and support. I’m also encouraged by others who have been willing to provide services as a way of support. I’m also encouraged that some communities are pulling together to support families in the community. The spark of hope has ignited in many!

Have you been able to remain centered during all of this? I know at times it’s easy to get caught in the drama. Even if that happens there are still ways to find your center. Why is it important? When you are able to free yourself from the drama and find your center it’s easier to see pathways forward. It’s easier to see things more clearly and not feel overwhelmed or wondering, “What can I do to help or how can I support my family, friends, neighbors, or community that are being affected?”

Many people I’ve worked with through the years have expressed that they find it hard to meditate, quiet their thoughts, or find their center. I know that this can be challenging especially when beginning. One of the ways that I have found to be helpful isn’t a traditional form of meditation. Gisela and I used to teach it in some of our classes. It’s a way to begin to find your center and learn to quiet your thoughts as you begin a more meditative practice. It can be fun too!

Want to try it? First, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths until you feel like you’re relaxing. Now think about your most favorite place in the world – your happy place. The place that makes you smile and where you feel safe. With your eyes still closed imagine your happy place is located in the center of your chest which is often called your heart chakra or energy center.

Now, how do you want to get there? Some of you may get to your happy place by skiing, flying, driving, using an elevator, riding a Harley, or some other way. Yes, one of our class participants loved to ride Harleys! The method of transportation is limitless. Use your imagination!

Once you’ve decided how you want to travel then with your eyes still closed imagine the top of your head is where you begin your trip to your happy place. If you’re skiing, for example, imagine skiing down the slopes, noticing the beauty, quiet, and peace as you continue down the mountain until you reach the bottom of the run which is in your heart chakra or energy center.

Notice how you feel. Notice the change in your body and mind. Do you feel more centered, light, or peaceful? Do you feel more clear? Can you see different choices and options? How beautiful if you do. If you don’t it’s ok. Using this method of skiing. Try it again! Imagine getting on the ski lift and travel back to the top of the run and ski back down into your heart space.

In these times of chaos it’s nice to be able to find your happy place and center anytime and anywhere. If you enjoy using this tool you may find you like this feeling and then want to pursue experiencing other meditative practices. This doesn’t have to be hard! I hope you find it fun and helpful!

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