FollowTheEnergyI confess I’m not sure where to start. How much backstory to give. How many details are important up front… or if any are. So here goes.

Sometimes when our bodies are sick and we are in physical pain or discomfort… it has little to do with the dis-ease we are experiencing. Instead it is about us becoming more of who we really are.

It is easy to be distracted by the symptoms, especially when there are aches and pain. Take any illness or diagnosis that puts us out flat and really most of our energy goes to feeling well again. It is hard to be introspective and to look for the silver-lining when you feel like shit.

However, sometimes when we don’t feel well, or feel like ourselves, it is because we are becoming a new version of ourselves. The next version of who we are becoming.

Some of us, get this awareness by watching someone else deal with the aches and pains. This is where I have been. I have watched my husband battle and deal with an illness and dis-ease in his body for almost a month now. It has been challenging for both of us in very different ways.

For him it is tactical… How and what to do to feel better and get back to normal. For me it has been more strategic. Where is this leading him? How does it shift and change him?

In my worldview, we are constantly shifting and changing who we are. Sometimes with ease, sometimes through hard-knocks. Sometimes we pursue the shifts, other times they just seem to find us.

We are energetic beings. We vibrate, pulse and emit frequencies. We alter and are altered by the energies and frequencies that are all around us. Sometimes from people and places (physical). Other times we absorb information and experiences (mental and emotional). And then there are those who intentionally pursue a deeper understanding their purpose, passions and path (spiritual).

All of these contribute to and alter who we are and who we are becoming.

Sometimes these intense illnesses or times of distress are our energetic bodies/field adjusting to new frequencies. The symptoms are the dissonance between what was and what will be. If it was described in the terms of software, it would be new software that is incompatible with the old operating systems.

intentionallivingHave you ever needed a new app or piece of software to complete a project, only to find out you have to reload everything in order to get it to work? Our bodies can go through a similar experience as we internally shift and change. Old programs (beliefs, attitudes, priorities and what we value) have to be deleted, upgraded or completely replaced.

What once worked no longer resonates or feels right.

The truth is we frequently try to stop these ‘upgrades’ midstream. If they are too uncomfortable we spend our time and energies trying to go back to the way it was before. We imagine we can delay our ‘project’, or whatever it is we are pursuing. Or we attempt to maintain the status quo.
But the truth is, it is inevitable that we will change. Because we are energy and energy has to move. It naturally wants to flow and expand. So when and if you are experiencing discomfort, dis-ease or downtime for any reason (whether personally or as an observer), when the time is right allow yourself to reflect and become aware of what has shifted and changed in you.

This is you shifting into more of who you are becoming. Follow the Energy.

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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