I find myself day-dreaming, envisioning and imagining something new. It’s as if it has already started to materialize. I can’t stop thinking about it. What may have started out as a simple idea or ‘what if’ – all of a sudden keeps invading my thoughts. It is becoming more real, yet there is nothing actually happening in the physical. Still, I am moving in the direction of this new thing!

Does this happen to you? Do you find yourself being energetically pulled into your next new future?

Here is the thing that I have to remind myself; this may be part of my future… I just don’t know how, when or where it will happen. I need to let this unfold. AND what I think it is or will be is just a concept. The truth is it could look very different than what I am currently imagining. I know this, because I have had this experience before. Many times!

Many people know my story of deciding to create Storm Wisdom. I was looking at a space with and for Fito; as he wanted to start his own Real Estate/Property Management company. (Which he did called “Wise Choice Properties”!!!) As we looked through the window to view this space, I heard “It’s for You”. After a short internal dialog in my head.., I turned to my husband and said “I think I am quitting my job and starting my own business”.

What most people don’t know is that for six months, I envisioned, imagined and planned to open this new business in the location where I got this strong intuitive guidance/message. I measured and started designing the space based on these measurements. I was doing everything that you have to do to open a new business.

Then, when I felt ready, I scheduled a meeting with the Property owners. They of course were very familiar with me by this time. They knew my hopes and dream of creating this new business. One Monday, I suggested we meet on the upcoming Thursday afternoon to finalize our negotiations and sign the lease agreement.

On that Tuesday they left a voice-message for me that simply said that they didn’t want to rent to me. I called them back to try and understand why… However they simply were not willing to discuss it with me. I was not the tenant they were looking for, even though the space had been for lease for well over a year by that time.

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Not just because of them.., but also because this was the space I had been guided to pursue. At least that is how it seemed to me. How much more clear could it have been… “It’s for You”.

It really through me off. I started to panic and wonder if I had made the whole thing up! By then I had purchased store fixtures, inventory and even come up with our name and logo. I had also given my notice and severed my 26 year relationship with the company I had been working for. I was dumbfounded.

I gave myself a couple of days to simply sit with and reflect on the situation. I decided it still felt like I was on the right track and that I would pursue a new space.

In hind-sight.., it was all perfect. Our current location was a perfect place to launch this business. Everything happened the way it was suppose to… If I had been attached to How, what, when and where, Storm Wisdom would not be the business that it is today.
As for the other location… they eventually rented to a tee-shirt maker, then a motorcycle accessories dealer, eventually a marital arts studio. The space is now empty again and they have been looking for a new tenant for almost a year. I guess I owe them my gratitude.

This brings us back to the present and I am at it again. Ready to bring something else to fruition. Maybe you are too! Remember to let your goals and dreams unfold. Keep feeding them, but don’t get attached to the details or the “how”. Something better may be making its way to you. Something that is greater than you currently could imagine!
With Light, Love, and Laughter