With all that has been going on lately, I have intentionally decided to stay more present and in the moment.  And as easy as that sounds.., it is actually quite challenging for someone who LOVES to spend time future-tripping!

Mind you I am better at being present today than I was 10 to 15 years ago.  But as a result of really paying attention to this.., I also realize I have a long ways to go.  My mind naturally wants to hangout in the future!

Originally I thought ‘staying in the moment’ meant I would not be planning anything!  However, I quickly realized that is not possible.  Our lives require planning.  Which in and of itself, is an indicator of how much our world values busy thinking!  Multi-tasking!

In truth, it means I am not launching into any new projects.  Anything that is not already established.  If it is on the drawing board, it is staying on the drawing board.  They can be in the dreaming and imagination phase.  But that is where they stay.

It is fascinating to use this time to focus on being present.  I tend to get knotted up because of how challenging I find it.  Yet, I am also having some success!  As I remind myself to come back to the present.., it becomes apparent pretty quickly that we can shift or change our perspective.

When I spend a lot of time fretting about the future or even the past, it is easy for stories to take over.  Often with fear or worry as featured players.  When that happens, it can feel like that is the way it always is.  That worry or fear are constant companions.

But, when I bring myself back to the present.., those emotions and their energetic impact are quickly dissipated.

It makes you wonder why, if being present helps us to be more connected to the flow, with a deeper level of access to our personal truth…, would anyone spend so much time future-tripping??

Perhaps after giving myself some time to be more in the moment, I will not only know or understand this inquiry… it will also be irrelevant!  Future-tripping could be part of the past!

With Light, Love, and Laughter


  1. Charles this reminds me of the way I use to live, mindlessly focused on what was or what could be, and missing the moment. I decided to live mindfully, and be aware of every event happening, instead of wondering how I got from Point A to Point B and in a situation I was ‘surprised’ to find myself in. Thank you for the reminder to all of us to live in the NOW. The drawing board is always there when we are ready.

    • You make a really good point Linda.., and it seems so simple once you realize it. We have to choose or decide this is what we are going to do. I realize I have actually felt helpless when it comes to staying present. That somehow my tendency toward the future was a given. It may be automatic for me to project into the future (or past).., but responsing by pulling myself back to the moment (instead of simply spinning what-ifs!) is a choice. I can decide to use my energy this way instead. Thanks for sharing your insights!

  2. Charles…Staying in the NOW is a new learning experience for us…I started the process after reading “The Power of Now” and then had a very serious accident that placed me in the hospital for 3 weeks….surgical intervention….wheelchaired and having to learn how to walk again.not being able to return home as I lived on the second floor .and I’m the only one in the apartment so it’s me who owes rent and any other bills. I would have gone absolutely NUTS if I started obssessing about all these issues and the huge future problems. It was too too much so I decided not to go there in my mind…no planning….no worry….no fear….and to stay right in the moment. My only job RIGHT NOW was to heal. What ended up happening without me getting in the way… was that every single issue worked itself out somehow….unexpected help.both financial and a place to temporarily live…and a Physical Therapist who I’m sure was an angel….taught me how to walk again…and a new friendship was formed.

    Perhaps it took such a serious event that helped me to stay in the NOW…in the Present….but it’s a wonderful feeling…almost like just sitting back…knowing ALL IS WELL…and TRUST in everything we actually already know. I might compare this to mantra meditation. As all the thoughts come into our head about “whatever”..we gently come back to the mantra and take a deep breath. I still have to work with it and bring myself back into the Present Moment…but I’m fortunate to remember the feeling in the hospital when I decided to stay out of my head….and ALLOW what was meant to flow into my life. Our true POWER is in the Present Moment.

    • Thanks for sharing this very personal experience and your process with staying present and in the NOW Donna. It makes me think about all the conversations we have about listening to the ‘whispers’ from our bodies, the Universe, and our senses… so that they don’t become shouts. Glad you have such an ingrained touchstone now!


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