GettingCurrentBlogI have decided to be more mindful of the difference between change and transition. It occurs to me that I lump these two things together and then feel as if I am in a constant state of transition.., which actually feels like chaos!

Yet, I think what might be more true is that I am constantly in a state of change.

You see change is natural, and a lot of it comes as a part of our own choices. The new job, ending a relationship, having a baby, starting a business, trying online dating, buying or selling a house, the move to a new place, etc. Then there are those changes that are outside of our control, the loss of a loved one, your favorite business closing, a health scare or challenge. The bottom line is that our lives our filled with change.

In fact, we live in a country that prides itself on change. The next new thing; exploring for the sake of ‘more’. We are consumers, we want ‘new’. Even if you or I personally think we don’t like change, the truth is, it’s in our DNA. As they say it is the “only constant besides death and taxes”.

What it seems like we are forgetting is the transition or integration piece. We are forgetting that there can be change without transition. If we do not adjust to whatever has changed (and this happens a lot!) then the circumstances maybe be different; but our ability to adjust is compromised. And oftentimes, it is this lack of transition that actually weighs heavy on us.

I remember writing about this a few years ago. I had started my own business and was fully immersed in it. Changes in my life were happening daily. I was getting through and getting by, but I was not integrating or transitioning. Then once everything slowed down enough for me to catch my breath… I realized the life I had known was gone. People I had known, were no longer anywhere in sight. I had been managing all the changes.., I just hadn’t integrated them, I hadn’t kept up with my own transition.

This example actually set up another false assumption (for me). I took it to mean that we have to take time to adjust to the “BIG” changes. When the truth is much more likely that since we are constantly experiencing change in our lives.., we need to give ourselves the gift of acknowledging, integrating and adjusting to all of the changes so that we transition with them, not fight against them.

And we do fight against them, even the ones we want! Ask anyone who has become parent! It maybe the greatest gift, but it also changes everything. If you try to parent from the place or perspective of who you were before the child was born or adopted into your life, you will fail! There is a lot to integrate, it requires you to transition!

Part of this process is grieving and letting go of what once was. And yes, even those things that we didn’t like or want need to be released and grieved. It is what we knew, it was part of who we were. We don’t grieve what was bad, we grieve the person we were in that situation, who no longer exists.

Then we can begin to see and experience who we are now, and approach life from this new perspective. We can begin to acknowledge what has shifted; what is different. We begin to sense or know our own state of transition. We know how to integrate the experiences of our outer world, into our inner world.

For those of us who relate to life through our unfamiliar senses, intuition and energy. It is this phase of integration and transition that shifts and changes our entire Being. Each of the changes in our lives is there for us to grow from. Each one offers an opportunity for expansion and an increase in our personal frequency!

If we are just going through massive changes, without looking for ways to integrate and transition to the next level. The changes will just keep piling on.., getting heavier and more burdensome. Letting go of how it use to be and getting into alignment with how it is, will reveal the path forward. Otherwise, we are going through constant change, without the benefit of changing!

Time to become current! Get it?? Energy in motion!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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