communityIt is hard to imagine we are already here.., the week of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Holiday Season. The first part of the year seemed to pass at a normal pace. But since September it feels like we are leap-frogging the weeks.

I am having a strange relationship with this year. 2016 is a 9 year in numerology. A year of completion. For most of this year I have had this sense of something new and fresh being close at hand.

It has been so visceral at times that it felt like it could be any moment. And yet, that is all it has been. A sense of something new close at hand. Nothing ‘new’ has emerged. At least not in the way I have been feeling it.

Now that this year is coming to an end, perhaps that was more what this was all about. The completion of what has been. Perhaps the the New Year will offer something more tangible, then just the “feeling” of something different, since 2017 will be a 1 year in numerology. We’ll see!

What I can tell you about this year is that I feel more and more like a part of a community. When I opened Storm Wisdom over 7 years ago, I did not have a spiritual community that I was a part of here locally. I had (and still have) a great spiritual family, they just lived all over the world.

Now, I am surrounded by loving and supportive people like you who help me feel connected and anchored right here. At a moment’s notice someone reaches out or is right there in front of me, reminding me of the interconnectedness that is part of what we are co-creating.

I also recognize that it is still growing and evolving. There have been several situations that really brought this home for me recently. A couple of weeks ago a dear friend (Roger) and I went to the Camelback Studio Tour. Six different artists who opened there homes and shared them with other artists, to showcase their art and creations. At each place we stopped, there were people I knew from this spiritual community!

Of course there were artists we work with, who were part of the tour. But also friends and clients who were enjoying the day. So even though what started out as a very casual day of exploration, became a day of connecting and reconnecting.

Then, this past week we were invited to have a table at an event hosted by Melinda Vail. She and James Van Praagh were sharing a stage and their gifts at a 2 day event. Gisela and I saw many old friends there. But we also met many new ones. Some who had never heard of us and others who only knew us by name and reputation. Perhaps they knew our name from one of the many workshops, seminars or events that have been presented at Storm Wisdom.

Both these situations were reminders that we have become such a part of this community because of the ongoing relationships we have cultivated with so many local artists… and so many teachers, leaders and thought-provokes who share their insights, gifts and wisdom at the events they host at our store!

All of this is to say that as we go barreling into the holidays and end of the year.., I am very grateful for an amazing community of which you are also a part! I hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving and may your heart and belly be full!

Come see us on the Saturday after Turkey Day! We are featuring a number of Local Artists, will have refreshments, door prizes and surprises from 11am-4pm! We will be donating 10% of all proceeds to ‘The Joy Bus‘… our favorite local non-profit!

Come join us! It will be great to see you!

With Light, Love, and Laughter